SCHOOL Difficulties

May 31st, 2012

1. INTRODUCTION In this article, the used terms will be ' ' difficulties of aprendizagem' ' , that they are related with the infanto-youthful universe in the school, and ' ' upheavals of aprendizagem' ' , when the difficulty of learning evidenced for the school presents a organic cause e, with this, it has the necessity of if reporting a specialist of the area of mental health (neurologist, psychiatrist and psychologist). The situations are many that affect the learning process directly and bring alterations in the behavior, reing-echo in the behavior to discipline, the pertaining to school income and the interpersonal relations (pupil-pupil, professor-pupil, pupil-institution). What cause damages for the pupil in the long stated period: in the academic life, professional and personal. It fits to detach that the learning difficulties (OF) are not disclosed at the beginning of the pertaining to school life (daily pay-school), since is necessary that the child already knows to read and to write. It is by means of the acquisition of the reading and the writing that learning difficulties start to be demonstrated, reverberating in the academic scope.

The pupil who presents difficulties of learning in its pertaining to school phase, when does not receive the attention excused due, suffers great mannering alterations in the adult phase, as indetermination, unreliability, incapacity of choices, professional instability, absence of autonomy and a great emotional immaturity. Ahead of as many losses, the individual, long ago pupil, if finds in a declining spiral, when, in the truth, it would have to be in an ascension process, of evolution human being. That is, the individual lives a phase of conflicts, therefore its relations are less assertive and tend to take it a favorable way, introducing it possibly in the abusive use of drugs. Ahead of this context, what it is observed is that if the learning difficulties had been diagnosised in this individual at the beginning and it had received the treatment specific its FROM, its process of deterioration human being would have been less adoecida, therefore the treatment favors the development of the motivation in search of the change.


Brazilian Association

May 11th, 2012

The infanto-youthful cancer is a serious problem of public health: it is the main cause of mortality in Brazilian children and adolescents up to 18 years, and not more the infectious and respiratory illnesses. is a rare illness in comparison to the cancer in adults, about 2,5% of all the malignant tumors, presents symptoms confuse that it with other common illnesses in infancy, what it makes it difficult I diagnosis it precocious. However, according to National Institute of the Cancer, in biennium 2010-2011 will have to occur 9,386 new cases per year. However, unhappyly many patients arrive at the center of treatment with the illness in advanced period of training, hindering the cure, that can arrive 80% of the cases. However, precocious diagnosis and treatment in specialized centers are basic for the cure with little therapeutical intervention and bigger quality of life.

However, so important how much the treatment of the cancer in itself, is the attention given to the social aspects of the illness, a time that the child and adolescent sick must receive integral attention, inserted in its familiar context. The cure does not have only to be based on the biological recovery, but also on well-being and the quality of life of the patient. In this direction, ABRACC not leaves to lack to patient and to its family, since beginning of treatment, support psicossocial necessary, what it involves the comprometimento of a multiprofessional team that attends to the patient and the family, in all its necessities, since the day where if they had registered in cadastre in the entity until they are completely well. In this direction, we offer to support and support with donations of basic baskets, dismissable milk special, supplements, medicines, diapers, hospital clothes, toys, equipment and too much social assistncias. However, in the days of treatment it is supplied to snacks to the patients and companions. However, everything this has objective to improve the quality of life and to guarantee the treatment. In view of, that with more quality of life the infanto-youthful cancer costuma to be cured in 70% of the cases. The ABRACC supplies support and has gratuitously supported to patient INFANTO-JUVENIL and family without queue, come of any Public Hospital, since the diagnosis until they are completely well.


Brazilian Ambient

May 5th, 2012

PROJECT MODEL PHARMACY AMBIENT POINT For Rodrigo Dallacosta 17/03/2011 rodrigo.ambientalista@ SUMMARY the project pharmacy ambient point, is a new and innovative project in the area of the environment, and is in makes of development for some pupils of the course of technology in ambient management of the city of Joaaba – SC, in partnership with local pharmacies and secretariat of the environment, with the objective to take care of or to minimize an ambient problem little known by the population, that is the medicine discarding, that the consumers possess in its residences, and does not know what to make or where to discard, when not more necessary for them or when such medicines already if collision with the exceeded stated period of validity. INTRODUCTION the medicines in general are manufactured from chemical sustncias of the most diverse categories, and are beneficial our health, but extremely harmful to the environment, exactly for containing such it substantiates chemistries that in direct contact with the nature, poluem the ground immediately afterwards and freticos sheets, rivers and lakes. The Brazilian population as well as the one of the remaining portion of the world, consuming is exaggerated of medicines and many times until compulsory, what it inside causes a great amount of medicines gifts of our homes. The ambient problem hidden by behind of it I pparently inhabit harmless for the health human being who is the consumption exaggerated or unnecessary of medicines, is related exactly with the discarding of these domiciliary medicines, when not more necessary for us or when same if the collision with the exceeded stated period of validity. Normally what we are accustomed to make when this occurs, it is together with to discard them our domiciliary garbage, that immediately afterwards is collected and carried to the lixes or sanitary, spread aterros in the cities, and is at this moment that occurs a serious problem of ambient impact, impact this that we aim at through our project to minimize the consequences, therefore to maximize the ratios and to make a estimate of how much of medicine is discarded in the environment in one day, month or year, in a country of the size of Brazil, consequentemente we will have some tons of chemical and extremely toxic products, poured in our ground and hidrogrficas basins, harming the quality of the water, fauna and aquatic flora and the proper population.