Brazilian Association

May 11th, 2012

The infanto-youthful cancer is a serious problem of public health: it is the main cause of mortality in Brazilian children and adolescents up to 18 years, and not more the infectious and respiratory illnesses. is a rare illness in comparison to the cancer in adults, about 2,5% of all the malignant tumors, presents symptoms confuse that it with other common illnesses in infancy, what it makes it difficult I diagnosis it precocious. However, according to National Institute of the Cancer, in biennium 2010-2011 will have to occur 9,386 new cases per year. However, unhappyly many patients arrive at the center of treatment with the illness in advanced period of training, hindering the cure, that can arrive 80% of the cases. However, precocious diagnosis and treatment in specialized centers are basic for the cure with little therapeutical intervention and bigger quality of life.

However, so important how much the treatment of the cancer in itself, is the attention given to the social aspects of the illness, a time that the child and adolescent sick must receive integral attention, inserted in its familiar context. The cure does not have only to be based on the biological recovery, but also on well-being and the quality of life of the patient. In this direction, ABRACC not leaves to lack to patient and to its family, since beginning of treatment, support psicossocial necessary, what it involves the comprometimento of a multiprofessional team that attends to the patient and the family, in all its necessities, since the day where if they had registered in cadastre in the entity until they are completely well. In this direction, we offer to support and support with donations of basic baskets, dismissable milk special, supplements, medicines, diapers, hospital clothes, toys, equipment and too much social assistncias. However, in the days of treatment it is supplied to snacks to the patients and companions. However, everything this has objective to improve the quality of life and to guarantee the treatment. In view of, that with more quality of life the infanto-youthful cancer costuma to be cured in 70% of the cases. The ABRACC supplies support and has gratuitously supported to patient INFANTO-JUVENIL and family without queue, come of any Public Hospital, since the diagnosis until they are completely well.