January 24th, 2013

Since its primrdios the man searchs one meaning for the existence and the universe, the direction of itself exactly and the understanding of its relations with the next one. A belief of modernity is that it is possible to find the reason of everything, the cause of everything. If we do not find is because not yet we search the sufficient. It wants to say, the extension of the knowledge is limitless. It does not have no border that if opposes our knowledge.

It corresponds to a belief of that my knowledge are enough to control the world where I live. Then, this cientificista arrogance is contrary to the field of the truth, and pushes the man to exactly produce devices delude that it how much to the absolute control of this world, also of itself. We live in the society where with priority value is to have ownership of things, objects and people. The individual is classified by the mark of its clothes, for the position that occupies, the car that it possesss, the type of work that it plays or the amount of people which dirige. In this way, the objects have one ' ' valor' ' greater of what the human being. The man is valued by what he possesss e, therefore, runs the risk of, in this seduction, to changed itself into being-coisificado.

To identify themselves with its half one, it he needs, each time more, to have. In case that if it cannot have, it even has the risk of if to want to take off of who has. This finishes occurring with people of all the social classrooms: tapeworms, desirous or become attached objects, as form to hide its true desires. In its internal world, they are distant of itself same e, how much to the external world, absent of its social reality. In this society that privileges having; transforming the person into simple instrument, that nails good ideals to live; that controls, for the media, the ways to think, to feel and to act of the individuals, if sees front to an interior emptiness, symptom of a social form of living meaningless.



January 16th, 2013

In the present study, similar situation was verified, with bigger mortality in young adult it enters the sick people of tuberculosis with AIDS as basic cause and of the bands above of 50 years when the tuberculosis was the basic cause. (OLIVEIRA et al, 2004) In Brazil, as the etria band, the co-infection tuberculosis – HIV can even arrive around 25%. Which are the signals and symptoms? Persistent cough that can be associated to the production of escarro; It can have blood in escarro or cough with pure blood; Vespertine fever; Dispnia; Extreme sweat at night; Loss of weight; Loss of the appetite; Weakness. Diagnosis the presumptive diagnosis is made based in the signals and symptoms told for the patient, associates to a x-ray of the thorax that shows compatible alterations with pulmonary tuberculosis. The physical examination can be of little aid for the doctor. Already the certainty diagnosis is made through the secretion collection of the lung. Escarro (catarro) can be collected (of preference, per the morning) when tossir.

Two samples harvested in consecutive days must be evaluated, initially. They can be necessary samples you add for attainment of the diagnosis. Finding the Mycobacterium tuberculosis the illness is confirmed. A good sample of escarro is the one that comes from the brnquica tree, after gotten cough effort, and not the one that if it gets of faringe or for nasal secretion aspiration, nor neither the one that will only count saliva. The ideal volume this understood entre5 a10 ml. Another used test is the test of Mantoux, that can assist in the diagnosis of the illness. It is made injecting itself tuberculina (an extracted substance of the bacterium) underneath of the skin. In Brazil the used tuberculina is PPD RT23, applied for saw intradrmica in tero average of the previous face of antebrao left, in the dose of 0,1 ml, equivalent 2UT (unit of tuberculina).



January 9th, 2013

These characteristics are presented acentuadamente, occurring a discrepancy of its behavior in relation to the individuals of the same age. For Brown (2007), it is not in such a way the difficulty in the control of the behavior that harms the TDA/H carriers, but problems in the functions central offices in the work memory. According to author, the active memory of work the information necessary to carry through current activities, and to keep information to be decoded in long stated period, recouping information stored in the memory of long stated period, necessary for immediate tasks. This process occurs slowly in carriers of TDA/H, that keep little attention and concentration in the activities, few activating the memory of work, and consequently, storage little information in the work memory, what it provokes little efficiency in the activities. I diagnosis it is carried through by neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist through anamnese, of the examination Neurolgico Evolutivo (ENE), for scale of behavior, complementary evaluations, using the disgnostic criteria (ROTTA, 2006) presented in the picture following the SYMPTOMS DISGNOSTIC CRITERIA Carelessness * Lack of attention in the school with frequent errors In simple tasks; * Difficulty to keep the attention in works in groups; * Lack of attention to speaks direct; * Errors in following instructions; * Difficulty to finish tasks; * Easy distraction Hiperatividade * constant Movements of arms and legs; * Frequently it raises during the lesson; * To run in inadequate situations; * Difficulty in remaining seated; * Habits of speaking in excess. Impulsiveneness * Difficulty to wait its time; * Interruptions and intromissions in the other people’s colloquies. Disgnostic criteria for the symptoms of the TDA/H, based on ROTTA 2006. It is possible that a psychological upheaval is folloied by other difficulties that do not have primary relation with it, but that they can take the much more complex picture is the calls co-morbidades.


The Professors

January 3rd, 2013

The dislexia frequently is folloied of upheaval in the learning of the writing, orthography, grammar and writing. The dislexia affects the boys in a bigger ratio of what the girls. (p.137) According to author of the citation above the dislexia and caused by an alteration in the area the responsible brain for the sounds of the language and in the system where he transforms the sounds into writing, that is, and a type of blockade that delays the process of reading and writing in the alfabetizao process. Had to a great necessity of knowledge of the problematic one of the dislexia in the courses of formation of the professors. He does not have none graduation course that enables professionals, however leaving unprepared to face these challenges that appear inside of the pertaining to school environment.

Without the knowledge I specify does not have as to have domain of the situation. The population is growing and pupils with learning riots also grow, therefore the professors must modernize themselves and if specialize to look for to know the meaning of this problem that affects a percentage of the world-wide population. The paper of the school and the professors is primordial for the identification of the symptoms of the treatment of the dislxico pupil. According to Senna, 2002: These cases are normal in the alfabetizao process and must be analyzed as party to suit of letramento in verbal societies with high levels of inaquality, as in Brazil. Behaviors of resistant daily pay-silabismo truncate being of words, or same of resistance the substitution of the free grafismo for the alphabetical one, in its majority, resulted of a process of deficient letramento. (p.73). The dislxicas children make confusion of similar letters or fonemas. Beyond discriminating bad sounds, it can also confuse the graphical signals. To criticize, to rethink and to modify practical the pedagogical one, To leave of the dislxicos pupils, them have led, always, to reflect on the daily one of the school as a whole and have generated advantageous changes for all the pupils.