Spanish Heart Foundation

February 26th, 2013

The heart can you Bye Bye hairs. And it is the leading company in our country in the field of laser hair removal (epilation system that offers permanent results in a few sessions, painless and very affordable), wants to show his solidarity with the work that day carries out the Spanish Heart Foundation in raising awareness about cardiovascular diseases, first cause of death in Spain. We put our grain of sand with the collaboration of includetransportation centers in a non cash contribution that will help to minimize this type of deaths but that it involves a series of income to the Foundation, explains Carmen Lozano, Director General of Bye Bye Pelos. A solidarity action that appreciate that not only help a greater number of citizens may soon prevent than cure but also to raise funds for the awareness actions that the institution carries out from the Spanish Heart Foundation. From the Spanish Foundation of the Heart positively value our participation in this type of campaign, since the final objective of the contribution we receive is to encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits as preventive measure against CVD (cardiovascular disease), first cause of death in Spain and in the world, says Dr. Leandro Plaza, Chairman of the FEC. Why Bye Bye hairs, it has launched a public awareness campaign in order to raise money for the Organization, which calls for the solidarity of the greatest number of people. In a simple way as the send an sms with the word heart 25118 and whose cost is 1.20 euros will try to collect the largest possible number. A gesture that Bye Bye hairs will appreciate a safe Award for all and each of the participants wishing to combat cardiovascular diseases – is offering a session of laser hair removal of English or armpits (to be chosen by each person and valued at 25 and 45 euros respectively) to perform on the network of centres that Bye Bye Hairs has operating throughout the Spanish geography.

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Diabetes Decisions

February 13th, 2013

All the time we are making decisions, but when it comes to our health always think twice and many times do not take the right decisions by putting at risk and at tremendous risk our health, well-being and life. That simple decisions like what to eat can influence something as important and as daily as it is health. The problem is that we underestimate such decisions since, as they are every day things, we forget or we do not think that a single meal can affect our health, when we are gradually opening the doors to diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Now if you take the decision to take care of yourself and say yes to health and well-being, you can forget about those diseases for ever and quietly live a long and full life. Gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or gastric banding are surgical procedures that not only will put a barrier to these diseases, but they also reduce mortality. Gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and the gastric band are surgeries that In addition to helping you improve your image, improve health. These surgeries are highly recommended and there are plenty of testimonials that you convince you and help you to say if you want to change and improve your life through them.

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Strawberries Against Diseases

February 4th, 2013

They are able to demonstrate their antioxidant properties in blood plasma. They act on oxidative stress, implicated in diseases and also the speed at which we age. The main producer in Europe is Huelva. A study by the Universidad Politecnica de la Marche (UNIVPM, in Italy) and of the University of Granada (UGR) has shown that strawberries, whose main producer in Europe is Huelva, strengthen red blood cells against oxidative stress, an imbalance related to various diseases. Until now scientists have tried to confirm the antioxidant capacity of strawberries by in vitro experiments in the laboratory, however, now, this group of researchers have managed to show it live. To do this, as published in the journal Food Chemistry, scientists have supplied twelve volunteers healthy 500 grams of strawberries (of the Hohenstaufen variety) throughout each day. Blood samples were taken for sixteen days: four, eight, twelve and sixteen days, and a month later. The results reveal that the regular consumption of this fruit can improve the antioxidant capacity of blood plasma and red blood cells to their (fragmentation) hemolysis resistance oxidative.

We have found that some varieties of strawberries provide greater resistance of the erythrocytes against oxidative stress, which can be of great value if it is considered that this phenomenon triggers serious pathologies, explained the researchers. The team now analyzes variations when you swallow less amount of strawberries (regular consumption tends to be a cup a day with 150 or 200 grams). The important thing is to be part of a healthy and balanced diet, within the five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, pointed out. Also different varieties of strawberries are being analyzed in the laboratory, since each one has its own amounts and proportions of antioxidants, they have explained. Strawberries are large amount of phenolic compounds such as flavonoids, that decrease oxidative stress, an imbalance that occurs in some situations physiological and pathological (such as cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes) (birth, aging, physical exercise) between aggression that produce reactive oxygen (free radicals, in particular) and the dense antioxidant in the body. When rust anti-rust dnsa exceeds there is oxidative stress, which, in addition to being the origin of certain diseases, also is involved in phenomena such as the speed at which we can age, for example.

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February 2nd, 2013

We are accustomed to eat fruits like apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, etc. But a very widespread and exquisite, fruit that grows throughout the year, are the medlar: round in shape, similar to the small pears, have yellow-orange smooth skin and a flesh that is juicy and consistent. It is an ancient fruit originating in China and exported to Japan about 2000 years ago and it was initially used as a decorative plant. It was until the mid-18th century that not he realized the properties for health and vitamins that this fruit brings and therefore became a part of the power of the era. Consisting of 85 per cent of aqua, it is a diuretic and fresh fruit that brings only 29 kcal per 100 g. Rich in fiber (very useful for who suffers from constipation and hemorrhoids treatment), especially by pectin, very useful to detoxify and regulate the digestive system. Also has many mineral salts include potassium, very useful to reintegrate the body when it is hot in summer, in addition to small amounts of phosphorus, calcium and iron. It is advisable to buy them when they have a compact and with intact skin, yellow-orange color consistency and keep it a few days in the fridge.


Huntingtons Disease

February 1st, 2013

Huntington’s disease is due to a mutation in a protein called huntingtin. U.S. scientists have discovered that two amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) in the Mutant huntingtin may be altered so that the protein is marked by normal chemical phosphorylation process so that the cell control system can delete it. Thus prevents the formation of aggregates in the neurons that cause disease. X William Yang (University of California at Los Angeles) and his team had already built a strain of transgenic mice with the mutation of the huntingtin; These mice displayed symptoms similar to the disease in humans, including problems of motor coordination, anxiety, loss of brain tissue and formation of aggregates in the neurons, typical of many neurodegenerative diseases. Have now taken one further step, checking in those mice a finding by another group of researchers that, in experiments in cell cultures, have shown how the phosphorylation prevents the formation of aggregated cell phones. Yang and his colleagues explain in the journal Neuron, through genetic engineering, have changed two amino acids of huntingtin in their mice prone to develop Huntington. A group of these animals, the genetic modification emulates permanently the phosphorylated State of two amino acids, while in another group that chemical process is prevented.

The result is striking: mice in the first group do not show symptoms of the disease and the second Yes. The researchers explain that phosphorylation is like applying chemical labels (phosphates) to amino acids of the protein. It is a natural process by which proteins are marked to play a particular role in a particular moment or also that they are destroyed by the recycling system of the cell, as a brand in a waste bucket so that garbage collectors collect. Experiments with mice and human cell cultures (this asecond work, directed by Leslie Thompson, is given to) (meet in the journal Journal of Cell biology) show that phosphorylation of only these two amino acids located at one end of the Mutant huntingtin, show it so it is destroyed and its toxic effects are avoided. It has surprised us to discover that a small change in only two amino acids of this as large protein can prevent onset of the disease!, says Yang.This points towards a new pathway to develop therapies for Huntington’s. William Yang is the Coordinator of the research. Authors have departed the existing surrounding discussion to why the huntingtin protein causes degeneration and loss of neurons. Focusing on the mutation of the huntingtin, they have taken advantage of the phosphorylation of serine 13 and 16 serine, in animal model, introducing mutations that Act on this phosphorylation in mice genetically.In particular, have replaced the 13 serine and serine 16 with aspartate fosfomimetico (SD) and alanine fosforresistente (SA). This them has allowed to find out the full mutation in the huntingtin induces deficits motors and psychiatric, aggregation of the protein and selective Neurodegeneration in SD-treated animals. In addition, they’ve observed that alterations in cases with SD have a significant impact in the process of aggregation of huntingtin mutant entirely in animal model. In the case of mutations SA this not original author and source of the article


Physical Activity

February 1st, 2013

The use of hands in the development of such everyday activities as work, study or do which household lives may directly affect our daily lives, because these by keeping in constant activity can develop some very painful and bothersome ailments that sometimes can cause inability to either temporary or lifetime. Occupational diseases of the hands are specifically due to this part of the body performed around 38,000 movements per day, especially on people engaged in computers and machines manual operamiento. The most common occupational diseases in the hands are some as: carpal tunnel: this disease is caused by excess of hand movements caused by the use of the keyboard, although nowadays there are other causes such as the constant use of interactive games; This occurs when the median nerve is trapped inside the carpal tunnel due to thickening of the tendons, making sure the nerve is pressed provided a somewhat annoying pain, but that over time it can become very limiting articularly. Arthritis: this is given by the joint inflammation manual due to the large number of movements performed by a joint, however it is good to mention that an important means for this appears is the temperature, because if it is something high this problem can take shape more quickly. Osteoarthritis: this disease appears when a great manual cartilage wear exists which makes shock absorber between the bones, leading to be somewhat painful because the shock of the bones can result very painful especially in the execution of any repetitive motion.

This condition occurs mainly persons of advanced age, however today according to studies it is very common that a large number of people in their 20s and 30s suffer, due to the constant use of elements such as the keyboard. All these sufferings have certain characteristics, however during its development presented some very common symptoms that can facilitate detection timely thereof; These symptoms may include: pain in the joints. Alteration in the mobility of the hands. Repetitive cramps. Pain in the hands when it is cold.

Plucked at the tip of your fingers. among others. Although there are various symptoms, those already mentioned are the most common in the three above mentioned ailments. A very important point to touch on occupational diseases of the hands are its prevention, because this can actually be somewhat difficult, because all the exercises that are performed are based on a manual effort so it can influence further into the problem, therefore recommend not repetitive exercises with elastic bands, in order to strengthen the tendons and thus decrease the occurrence of such evils. It is proper to mention the treatment of such diseases is not aiming to eliminate previously these evils that is made with the purpose of diminishing the pain that they cause.

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