How to Have Healthy Bones

November 29th, 2013

But back directly to the definition of what is rickets. As we have already decided – this is mainly vitamin D, vitamin deficiencies were observed in the intensity of the growing organism, and manifests itself mainly with violations of bone tissue. This definition requires no commentary. First of all, pay attention to the wording: intensively growing organism. This explains why rickets suffer mostly children of the first year of life. By metabolic rate of this period there will be no human life ever. Judge for yourself. By 6 months of a child doubles, triples by 1 year, weight at birth.

During this period, bone tissue has time to repeatedly upgrade. In the body of the child during this period there is a constant destruction and synthesis of bone, providing a continuous growth. This process provides special proteins bind calcium and a variety of hormones. And precisely in order to proteins, transporting calcium from the bones and back, have become active, you need vitamin D. In the case of vitamin D will be missed, disrupting the delicate balance between synthesis and destruction of bone tissue and there clinical picture of rickets. However, it is worth noting that the first signs of rickets are not bony changes. In addition to the musculoskeletal system are also affected many other body systems.

But first and foremost nervous system. The child becomes restless, there is excessive sweating. The child rubs his head against the wet pad, and appear typical of temples. Right now, it is worth considering, and not a consequence of this deficit is vitamin D in the body.



November 22nd, 2013

Do you remember how he healed me kiss that gave me a long time ago in the Park and who told you in one of the postcards that you just read? Do as I will give a very large one to you and you one to me, you look like? The three will be by your side and we will give many, but many kisses, so either you have to fear, told him Pete. Joey felt more relieved. It was really very afraid. He had gone through many treatments in the lately, and many of them had been quite painful Alex hugged his son, at the time that was telling: from now on, everything will change, my love, will first have to go to that place where the doctors have masks on the face, then it will be a time where you may not feel quite right, but never forget that the threeWe are permanently at your side. Finally, when you’re recovered and everything has passed, you’ll go to College and you can tell your friends about me and you will feel very well. Do you know pray joey? Joey nodded. His mother had taught him, since childhood, to do so. As we pray together then.

Everything had gone very well. He had spent almost a month of operation and Joey did not show signs of rejection. He was quite animated and already not looked so pale. Alex, considered that it was time to return to Spain. Everything would be different from now on, since somehow it would always be beside his son. That made him feel happy and satisfied by what He had done. I had the feeling of having paid off part of the debt that had with his son. Now I had to go to say goodbye, but how different would this farewell! Never again would already be incommunicado.

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November 15th, 2013

Acne is a skin disease, which is characterized by a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands, especially on the face and back. It occurs mainly at the stage of adolescence and is more common in men than in women. However, less sporadically acne can appear at any stage of life. React inappropriately to acne, don’t take care of yourself and having bad practices could leave scars and large holes in our face for the rest of life. Acne is caused because, for unknown reasons, the Sebaceous or oil from skin glands are blocked. The symptoms of acne are easy to identify. Among them are: appearance of blackheads (blackheads) of such tiny. Appearance of white dots, known as blackheads small lesions of pus, inflammatory skin bladders that are filled with pus (pustules) swelling larger skin in more serious cases, swollen abscesses, inflamed in an infected part containing pus since It is a disease of the skin, there are treatments to combat it or reduce it. There are people who are more prone to having acne than others, the risk factors include: history of family history of acne stress oily skin (oily) some fatty cosmetics medicines such as male hormones and cortisone is important to take into account that there is so far known preventive treatment, in terms of curative treatment exists the peeling is abrasionChemistry or physics of the superficial layers of the skin. However, there are some general measures to treat acne: massage the face with SOAP without essences of three to five minutes daily cleanse the skin gently use a clean towel every day do not tighten, press, starting, or scratching the skin avoid cosmetics that have excessive fat on some occasions antibacterial soap would also apply a disinfectant and degreaser such as alcoholto remove the grease after washing in some cases, of moderate to severe, your doctor may prescribe a lotion of 5 to 10% benzyl peroxidase, local application of antibiotic lotions, such as clindamycin or erythromycin or other substances than topical or oral, in any case, consult with your doctor.

Thermometer Room

November 2nd, 2013

What to do next. Following nice step for those who like the "warm" quenching may become a sauna. Here the main thing to remember about the time spent in the sauna room. Sauna is not more than 10 minutes to steam bath – not more than five. Newcomers enough make an entry into the steam room for 4 minutes, then take a warm shower. Step two: fresh, air and water fall, when it started heating season, an ideal place to be tempering your apartment. Just open wide-screen, let fall fresh (which will eventually become the winter) and wait until the thermometer did not drop to 20 degrees. Dr. Robert Brannon often says this. Then close the window (to avoid any draft) quickly and undress – for better start to the waist.

You can lie, sit or anything to do, the main thing – again, feel a sense of comfort. If the skin turns pink, it gets warmer, then develop resistance to colds. However, linger in the this form, initially worth no more than 15 minutes. And only gradually increase the duration of air baths and two hours, and the room temperature lower (up to 15 degrees). The appearance of "goose skin" – a signal to dressing. Pay attention! If it's damp and drizzle of rain and air in the room is very humid, reduced by one third during the procedure. "Rainy" air bath cools the skin is much more intense, and it can knock you out of the schedule quenching and lead to a common cold.


Give Eggs A Break

November 1st, 2013

Despite all these benefits, the yolk is precisely the cause of the bad reputation of the egg. a For many years, said negatively interfered eating eggs cholesterol levels, due to the amount of fat contained in the yolk. While the yolk has fat, total is 4 to 4.5 grams per egg, of which 1.5 grams are saturated fats and other unsaturated, predominantly monounsaturated fat, good for the body. (Not to be confused with Herbalife!). Is saturated fat, that it is a minority in the egg, which determines the levels of blood cholesterol. a According to the World Health Organization, an average sized commercial egg contains only 6.7% of body fat an adult needs daily actually recommend eating between 5 and 6 eggs per week. Studies in Japan, France and Spain, countries with high consumption of eggs, show that consumption of this food is not related to increased cholesterol in people. (A valuable related resource: Healthy Living).

A A A real risk from eating eggs is the possible spread of salmonella, which causes food poisoning gastrointestinal symptoms. ge. However, this can be avoided buying eggs only packaged properly, not with the skin broken or damaged. a must be recognized, however, that the egg is one of the most allergenic foods in children, the cause is albumin, a protein in the clear. In case of allergy doctors suggest excluding the egg, their derivatives and products containing any component of the diet. a order to fully exploit the benefits of this food safely, I give you some tips: not wash the eggs, as it would be taking away the natural lining of the shell that protects the inner contents of infections.

Store in the refrigerator and keep them there until consumption. A fresh egg sinks in water when salted cold. To distinguish a raw egg one should only turn it on itself, it can turn easily is cooked, if not crude. The beaten eggs are fluffier if they are not too cold: remove from the refrigerator a while before cooking. To boil eggs with broken shells without being clear out, add a few drops of vinegar to the water. To peel hard-boiled eggs with ease hot, pass quickly by running cold water.