January 27th, 2014

Logically these categorical figures on our growing backlog against Americans and Japanese generated explanations, almost always related to the apparent higher intelligence of the Orientals. But Gomez Buendia strongly rejects this possibility: this difference so spectacular, many people jump to the conclusion that the Japanese are more intelligent than the Colombians. But if things look well, a Colombian is smarter than a Japanese: not in vain have the world-famous living and recursive, while the Japanese are rather boring and simplistic. (Underlining is mine). After reading the previous assertion might be more confused at first with the curious and hitherto paradoxical thesis of Dr. Hernando Gomez Buendia. But it is precisely from that moment when it begins the most interesting part of the writing and its consistency with our theme of teamwork: that Yes: two Japanese are much more intelligent than two Colombians.

I.e., our backlog starts from the moment that others understood that life is not a race in which gains to tip of virtues individual but eminently group activity. In Colombia, continuing with Gomez Buendia, each Colombian is going to somewhere and that is good, but Colombia is not going to nowhere and thats bad. This maxim may well apply to the company which has enthroned vertical and authoritarian communication, individual effort in search of the individual objective, the informal group or the CC to the Colombian conformed to sow tares instead of planting the constructive reflection and, in general, the unhealthy habits that makes us have not less than a century of backwardness with respect to the first world Nations. Noting the above we came to the conclusion that today as never imposes the need for reviewing the role of the Manager against its people, that is the end and after the people who it will play it all by its management, its objectives and its results. Is not now as it was accustomed in the past, of form teams of workers ganasueldos who prefer to talk of them instead of us, using a lexicon through which emerges, without However, their little sense of belonging and, therefore, of commitment to the organization. Well know damage that makes a work team Cafe gossip or rumor of hallway that grow quickly as snowball adding ever more fallacies, semi truths and well-to-do truths. As you can see, this is a typical situation of the group with a low morale and also with a limited sense of self leadership.

By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact to the cel. 300 8055526 or email. Please read their writings in MAICAO to D?A page in which you will find writings, chronicles and beautiful parts of the Colombian literature.


January 27th, 2014

Liposuction and breast augmentation are interventions with greater demand in clinical aesthetics from around the world. Please visit Dr. Stuart M. McGill if you seek more information. However, by what one might think, liposuction is no longer an exclusive women’s procedure, since each time there are more and more men are joining the ranks of this procedure. The main objective of liposuction is to eliminate the hard fat. However, performed you it is not synonymous with guarantee that you’ll never get fat, since it eliminates only fat that you spare and visually annoying. If someday you’re interested in making you a liposuction, please take into account the following: what is liposuction? It consists of the extraction of body fat for more aesthetic effect of the body.

He is also known as a tummy tuck. How is it carried out? Through the introduction of a small special cannula connected to a syringe or a vacuum cleaner to remove grease. It leaves scars? Yes. It is a scar of 3 or 4 mm. Who are candidates for liposuction? The person that is within the normal weight range, but which has an excess of fat accumulated in some regions, what desproporciona the aesthetics of your body. You have good health, is psychologically stable, and it must be realistic in the results. In which areas I can I do liposuction? In the abdomen, thighs, waist and neck, or in any part of the body where fat deposits. With information: InfoVeracruz journalism at the forefront long rows to see the sharks reds good health 218 BuenSalud excess fat in the abdomen is detrimental to bones applications and devices to control your weight, body fat and sleep Maya Digital El Madrid closes ranks around Mourinho

Beijing University

January 21st, 2014

Scientists have developed a method of reproduction of stem cells in the laboratory, learned how to grow them from various tissues and even organs. Stem cells are able to stimulate cell regeneration and repair almost any damage to the body, but all this can not completely overcome senescence and has only a temporary rejuvenating effect. The fact that in the aging process play a key role changes in the human genome. Biological clock human Scientists have found that in all cells there are some ‘biological clock, measure their lifetime. As such “biological clock” are the telemeters – DNA regions of repetitive sequences of nucleotides tagging, located at the ends of chromosomes. With each cell division telomeres becoming shorter and shorter. And when telemeters shorten to the size limit, the cell triggers a mechanism that leads her to the programmed death – apportion.

There is an interesting fact: in the cancer cell works a special enzyme called telomerase, responsible for the superstructure of telomeres. Dr. Robert Brannon follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Thus, cancer cells are capable of restoring telomere length, share a virtually unlimited number of times and not subjected to aging processes. If a healthy cell to introduce a dna sequence encoding the enzyme telomerase, the cell will acquire the above listed characteristics, but at the same time, become cancerous. Aging gene – P 16 However, as it turned out, the aging of cells depends not only on the shortening of telomeres. Chinese scientists headed by Professor of Medical Academy of Beijing University discovered a gene ‘P 16 “, responsible for cell aging..


Enterprising Spirit

January 17th, 2014

In this occasion I would like platicarte on which many people would wish to have and those have who it or we have, sometimes we do not know that to do with. I have read some books that speak on the importance of having an enterprising spirit at the time of wanting to be industralist and to establish the bases for a new business, good then dejame I comment my experience to you. God has given the blessing me (sometimes), of being an enterprising person in all the extension of the word. During my almost 40 years you I can comment everything what I have undertaken: * Sale of timesharings * Article Sale of cleaning * Candy Sale * Sale of insurances, credit cards, check accounts * Sale of you measure * Sauce Sale and condiments * sticky tape Sale * nutrition product Sale, as much tablets, as drunk * I have participated in network marketing or multilevel * I have promoted telephone lines by Internet * I have sold orange juice in botellitas of 500 ml in a cruise in the street * Story with a company of coaching of businesses and they are had to me been a great one I number of businesses and ideas in the way that not yet I have put in practice. I believe that already you can see a little which I talk about that not always the best thing is to have an enterprising spirit the unique things that have been constant in my life, are my wife and to be in area of sales worries handcuffs it that being so money changer, is going someday it to change her.

jajaja. In my experience we must have a combination of entrepreneur with implementador and follower Meaning that must look for to be constant in some of the ideas that we undertake or to look for teammates of work which they can help us with the pursuit. For all the people who like I, jump very quickly from an idea to another one, I suggest to them realise a plan of businesses or an action plan, in which they are committed to obtain certain goals and not to turn aside itself of its plan until obtaining them I like much to make the analogy of the ready for sowing one, when your sowings some seed, you must hope to obtain the fruits, since at the time of seeding it does not have nor it plants at least, then when the plantita is born, has that to take care of it and later with time arrives the fruit At the people who are like I, we do not give time him to the idea that enraize and is possible to be born the plantita that is going to bear the fruits to us. Then to develop to patience sera also a good one practices for all the people who identify themselves with me. Several books exist in the bookstores that speak on like staying focused.

What there is past to me, it is that still I do not finish the book and I am already reading another one, jajaja. It is a serious thing. I wish best and dejame you your message to know that I am not the unique hardened enterprising crazy person who does not manage to finish nothing or very not much. A hug and until next original Author and source of the article.


Lifestyle Smoking

January 15th, 2014

Although the number of men with erectile dysfunction and increases with age, it is likely that ed develops as a consequence of any disease or medication, in these diseases. Erectile dysfunction is very rarely a purely psychological problem. Studies have shown that 80% of male erectile dysfunction is a consequence of any physical condition. Dr. Stuart M. McGill shines more light on the discussion. These include: chronic disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis common accompanied by erectile dysfunction. Kidney, liver, thyroid, hormonal disorders also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Men with depression are also often report they have a erectile dysfunction. Surgery and neurological disorders if somehow damaged the nerves connecting the penis to the central nervous system can occur erectile dysfunction. Here include surgery on the prostate gland, spinal cord injury or pelvic organs, stroke, multiple sclerosis or 's disease. Receiving drugs Many drugs, appointed under the above diseases may themselves cause erectile dysfunction as an additional side effect. An example could be drugs, prescribed for high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, arthritis, peptic ulcer disease or epilepsy. Lifestyle Smoking, alcohol and drug use can cause erectile dysfunction.

If you want to learn more about the causes Erectile dysfunction, or think that one of the above reasons it may be relevant to you, make an appointment with your doctor. It can further discuss with you these questions. The negative impact of erectile Regardless of their dysfunction causes erectile dysfunction can have a negative impact on the lives of men. This can be expressed in a loss of self-esteem, feeling that he is no longer a real man; may even lead to what he emotionally and physically disengage from those who loved him, and thereby only exacerbate the problem.


New Year

January 15th, 2014

And since we do not want to accept it, we have aggression. Jordan – it is always aggressive. Not enough attention – we take it out of food, afraid of something – we take the protection of food, get angry at something or someone – we take peace from the food, etc. When once again there Jordan, ask yourself: “What am I now Replace a meal? “. I am inclined to think that understanding is all these things essentially tame your appetite. Well, if you will not be able to cope with an appetite, feel free to contact practicing psychologist, he will help you to deal with This problemoy.A you have any interesting cases from practice? I remember a case where the benefit of one of my clients went to envy.

Envy of the slender figure of his girlfriend. I always say, envy – and emulate to obtain the same itself. She opted for a figure. Aesthetically pleasing (what you see in the mirror) is greater than the pleasure of baking and lapshi.Kak also be happy, abundant presented at the New Year‘s table? At the table should not is, and try it. Be aware that you can get enough of that quantity of food, which will go into his hand.

During the day, which is to be a feast, eating 3-4 times, for 30 minutes before the “holiday tummy” drink a glass of water, and then eat one lays yabloko.Kogda love to those or other products? We all come from childhood, and as such there is no love for the product. There is some duplication of lifestyle and nutrition from our parents, as a rule of parent, with whom we are in resonance. If the mother is obese and lean father, then guess who the resonance daughter, if she does not suffer from an excess of vesa.Pochemu then an adult can radically change its taste biases? In adult life, the same scenario. Personally, I see you with my husband liked the peppers, but he simply can not digest them. Over time, I noticed that one kind of red pepper in my cause heartburn. This means that I have come into resonance with her husband. Think about who you are in resonance … And in the end. All we know about healthy foods, but I still choose a salad with mayonnaise instead of vegetable oil … How can I make myself eat a healthy diet? Force yourself to never have to. When you are forced to do something that you feel? It’s the same with our bodies. Prioritize what’s important to you and why you need it. In other words, well motivated in regarding the purpose of man is always achieve it.


Increase Selfesteem

January 1st, 2014

Starting from an important point: the will reassure us, take a few moments to relax, to have control of our State, now begin to work to unlock, unlock those fears, fears, and to solve the autobloqueos ourselves we generate, but that sometimes don’t know their existence, scenic panics, that on certain occasions occur and us condition to achieve, perform or achieve a goala relationship, or a simply a presentation in public. There are many subconscious blocks that appear in a particular situation and will be able to confront and change with simple methods for immediate implementation, achieving our behavior begins to benefit us, orienting and educating our subconscious. The autobloqueos are unconscious attitudes that hamper, putting limits to our objectives, working as a machine of prevent, putting obstacles, making us doubt our possibilities, think that our goal, our goal, is something that is outside our possibilities. Whether you think you can as if it thinks that it cannot, in any way is right.(H. Ford) this life gets what is chosen, the mind is so powerful that you deliver what you ask him, must only learn to use it, accompanied with a deep appreciation of our be interior, aprendiendo a querer us more. Self esteem is very important to achieve success in our dreams and our lives, in many cases self esteem low has its roots in childhood and the way in which us educated, taking us to not wanting us, that structure formed thus makes us too many critics, have stalled emotions or unresolved. Emotional distress causes imbalance in our body, in our energy in the flow of our CHI (name given by doctors in China specialists to these energies along with blood and lymph flow), this imbalance brings harm to our physical health and locks, which will not cease to treat such instability and liberate ourselves. To connect with your true I so you know, strengthen, use as your guide, your power that sprouts, emerges from the inside, who will accompany you and you will transform your plans, your desires into reality. As first step should relax and analyse objectively, honestly, how we are, how is our relationship with other people, with society, with the universe. He says or follow these topics enwww.lavidayyo.