September 30th, 2017

Acquisition suburban area – the event is very important to humans. Even yesterday, the newly-born landowner had no idea what the sanitary felling, drainage, planting season, soil fertility. All snowy, frosty winter you warmed the dream of his own garden. Dr. stuart mcgill wanted to know more. Spring has come – a long-awaited, with running streams, buds swell. Spring – the best time for planting. If landscape planning in the initial stage, we can still mark the tracks, select a location for the gazebo, pond, flower beds and do not forget about the rock garden. Choosing plants for your garden, you need to know that few are able to adapt to unfamiliar conditions.

For example, light-loving culture with a lack of sunlight lose their decorative properties. Moisture-loving plants do not outsource the dry summer, and culture, prefer acidic soil, will die there, where he regularly performed liming. Landscaping area – one of the most important types of work. The foundation of any landscape composition is lawns. The word "lawn", which came to us from France, denotes the turf. Healthy, juicy and silky grass carpet pleases the eye, improves the mood. Lawns are a major background for the tree and shrub plantings can reduce the dust content area and create a favorable humidity.

Lawn grasses, most suited to the climatic conditions of our country – it's red fescue – the semi-shade among turf grasses, and Kentucky bluegrass – the most resistant and at the same time, the frost form. Recently in vogue include lawns meadow and Moorish with the addition of brightly flowering plants. Such coatings more closely resemble the wild and lush flowering lawn. Flower gardens are one of the most expressive means of landscape design, they act the role of the "flavor", give the charm of a garden site. Making flowerbeds is costly work and imagination. Flower gardens are usually created from perennial plants of various shapes, sizes, colors. In this case, use petunias, salvia, daylilies, phlox, geraniums, . These plants are quite hardy and undemanding in terms of central Russia. In the spring of very good look at the flowerbeds bulbous plants. Especially, they are indispensable in small gardens. Well feel flowering bulbous plants and under deciduous trees and shrubs, as ottsvesti have time before they will be covered with foliage. On a bed, they look impressive next to pansies, primroses and daisies. Care for flower beds is simple enough. The first thing to regularly water the flowers, to destroy weeds and to make fertilizer. Flower beds may take various forms – from simple geometric (circle, triangle, square) to the complex. For the landscaping of your garden plot should not be planted so many trees and shrubs. For example, the walkway may consist of three or four species of tree: linden, birch and maple. Of shrubs suitable currant bushes, lilacs, jasmine. Trees and shrubs should be placed so that they shaded each other, and should take into account the density of plantings. Typically, trees are planted on perimeter of the site or in groups. Shrubs are used to create hedges, to emphasize the boundaries of the site and its separation into zones. It is not necessary to bypass their attention creepers. They allow zadekorirovat leaves the walls of buildings and garden structures. To do this most commonly used grape girl, Amur grape, hops, honeysuckle Honeysuckle. Use the best available or household area and place the stands so that the garden of delight you at any time of year.


Is Customer Magazines – What It?

September 30th, 2017

Customer newspapers have the influence of the design of customer magazines as a scientific study presented in the sales business marketing magazine, created on behalf of the PSD Bank shows proved to be efficient advertising and image carrier on their effect. 3/4 of respondents recipients had even lifted the customer newspaper after three days and nearly 40 percent had read at least a post. Almost all readers could remember the product information presented after three days at least one – values, traditional advertising is usually far from where (and at generally higher cost and larger litter loss). While the day of dispatch does not matter. The least the reader is well known, the acceptance is higher and more attentive to read the customer magazine. However, direct purchasing behavior was not enhanced by the level of attention. Customer newspapers should therefore not as a sales tool “abused”, but as customer information. This confirms a further study, which confirms that the Customer loyalty depends also on the journalistic quality of the medium.

Customers who are generally not interested in product information of the Publisher, are to “bait” but also about factors such as optics and high quality of our customer magazine not to contracts. The title page seems also without influence on the effect such as the quality of the paper and the optical design of the object. Restrictive, but, it must be mentioned that a design to advertising and to thin paper may have an adverse impact on the Publisher. Conclusion: Look, appearance, etc. have little additional impact on the success of customer magazines. Important is priority that it appears, then the content, behind the optics. Therefore at this point even a few essential facts on the subject of customer news: customer newspapers have proved as efficient advertising and image makers. Independent studies have shown that with regular frequency of contact the customer satisfaction and thus loyalty to the suppliers is increasing.

In the Needed is the company at the customer currently in memory. Indicator of the importance and significance of a customer magazine is its continuous appearance. The customer magazine is no “market stall”, but the appearance of a readiness for dialogue. Customer newspapers are no sales brochures, but the reason for requesting such. A customer newspaper must – be made despite the relatively low importance of optics – not “linked” or “because time someone had the idea to do this” but with a certain appreciation and an appropriate budget. The UW engineering firm for marketing supervised some customer newspaper projects in B2B SMEs already in the past. He developed an individual concept for your company if necessary and implemented it in text and design. The engineering firm for marketing, advertising & job promotion in Wuppertal has specialized in advising small and medium-sized entrepreneurs of the construction industry (contractors, as well as architecture and engineering offices) with a focus on the strategic contract procurement – to to the implementation from a single source. Dr.-ing. Knut Marhold consulting since 1994 engineer (UBI, VDI) is advising as a civil engineer since 1989, and a member of the Vertreterverammlung of the Chamber of engineers of construction of North Rhine-Westphalia, where he worked in the Committee for many years public relations. He is also managing partner of QualitatsVerbunds planners in construction (www.planerambau.de) and author of numerous technical reports. Contact: Engineering Office for marketing, advertising and job promotion Dr.-ing. Knut Marhold 42329 Wuppertal Haeselerstrasse 94 + 49 202 751933

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Germans Think

September 30th, 2017

The setting of the German health system is characterized by pride, high expectations and much criticism. Fritz Beske by the Institute for health-system research in Kiel claims, the impression that in any other highly industrialized country in the world so critical about their own health care is more discussed than in Germany there. But what do the Germans of their health care system actually? The importance of the health system in Germany is in constant change. It is not something Dr. Robert Brannon would like to discuss. The preservation and the restoration of personal health is for most people the basic prerequisites for a completed life, which is why increasing the importance. Different structures and institutions have formed in the history of our society that’s why over a period of several decades, which today represent the core of the German health care system.

With the introduction of the statutory health insurance fund by the Bismarck legislation of 1883, the German health system was coined in early. Dr. Neal Barnard often addresses the matter in his writings. As a result health care has not only by the ever-increasing demand of the population for health services, but also by the medical progress and the increasing variety of medical products, becoming one of the largest and most important part of systems in our society. Health care in Germany is nationwide and quality when compared to other countries. Yet the image of an inadequate supply system, that in its performance over the years seems to be getting worse in the public often arises. We’ve compiled results, which represent the image of the citizens of the health system in Germany and show some unexpected facts.

82 Percent of the population answer the question whether the German health system is good, in the year 2012 positively. People were so happy last 1994, almost 20 years ago. Frequently complain to the Germans about long waits at the doctor’s Office. While 38 percent of the legally insured waited several times long without appointment and 48 percent despite appointment. Privately felt that to wait for too long without an appointment and in 25 percent of cases too long with appointment in 15 percent of cases. Setting the patients has positively developed services could be depriving them in case of illness. While 2010 still 46 percent of the legally insured had the fear, not to receive benefits, it was 2012 only 34 percent. The dissatisfaction with the human resources development in hospitals is particularly large. While in 1995 only 12% of the population of the opinion were that there were not enough doctors in sick houses, it was 2012 more than 29 percent. 46 Percent of the citizens will also find that there are not enough nursing staff and 57 percent are convinced that the staff has generally too little time. When it comes to the subject of change, 69 percent of Germans are sure that there should be contribution discounts at the screening visit. 61 Percent also request contribution discounts with health-conscious behaviour and 59 percent want one Acquisition of more screening by the funds. Also, 61 percent of respondents hold higher contributions for smokers, extreme athletes and people with a higher risk of disease for attached. Also in the future the role of the German health care system is becoming increasingly important. Due to demographic change increasing demand, declining health services and the system has to adjust with the necessary changes and advancements of this tendency.

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Depilhair Madrid

September 30th, 2017

DEPILHAIR, chain of clinical medico-esteticas and laser hair removal, raging in the community of Madrid. And it is that this franchise is still one of the options preferred by entrepreneurs who decide to enter the world of aesthetics in Madrid. We are very happy because the expansion of the ensign is proving to be a resounding success. Our expectations are being fulfilled by far, says Javier Rubio, Director of Expansion. Therefore we can say that hair removal in Madrid is named after DEPILHAIR since 6 clinics already existing just join 5 new centers. Citizens of Madrid will be thus more within reach of your hand a laser hair removal that guarantees the highest quality and a personalized and continuous medical control as well as other types of slimming or beauty treatments.

Madrid is becoming without a doubt our most significant enclave. This good rhythm for us means satisfaction for the work well done and the recognition that our concept of beauty and wellness is shared by others who decide to get involved in the idea and make that these centres are a reality, explains Javier Rubio. Betting firm in fact is so much confidence that Madrid franchisees have deposited in DEPILHAIR that some of them have decided to embark on this adventure for triple. One of our entrepreneurs has decided to open three centers because of the security offered by our proposal, something that us fills us with pride, even taking into account the times running, in which you raise a concrete and attractive offer that meets the expectations of the listener. In this case we have the luck that our approach and the idea seeking our franchisees agreed.

Now we are going in one direction to continue growing and maintaining that added value which makes us differentiate ourselves, explains Javier Rubio. But in addition to the boom of franchisees that DEPILHAIR is taking must be added to the differential value which the public sees in this brand and has differs by the doctor who’s always you It receives the query. People are starting to become aware of the guarantees and the medical necessary backing for treatments of this type, not just the results as it happened so far. Customers already not prefer it by a particular method only for the price, now dominate another series of factors. And it is that given the number of cases of patients with bad experiences, the public elects a clinic like ours where there is an endorsement, a safety and a clear Protocol for action always by specialists and highly qualified staff, argues Javier Rubio.

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ICH Product

September 29th, 2017

Organic product will be only in the case if… Boundless patriotism the ancestors or investing in health? Within a year, during the growth of the soil, extracted everything is useful. It is difficult to grow and at the same time in the same ground can only every seven years sown are. During the period of one year, takes everything useful from the soil, nature and the Sun and stores in itself. It is easy to imagine, how much linen as flax contains important materials in themselves. We begin to think whether this is not a vampire plant that sucks energy from nature, Sun and soil.

We can use this beautiful, blue flowering plant useful in the industry and convert the raw material without save use of chemicals to the usefulness and the properties. The manufacturer of our country, as well as other representatives of the textile industry, meet Chinese and Eastern European countries with cheaper production from the market. You can make significantly cheaper with the authorised chemicals linen and linen products, but It is no longer an environmentally friendly product, and whether it is acceptable for our users? Without patriotism to the ecological product, they poison us attack ICH. Organic product will be only in the case if… One hundred percent may be ecological such flax only, which is grown without the use of chemicals, in the Sun, wind and rain. Spun and woven into the natural environment. The fabric of Canada natural linen or white color? By cooking the tissue was white color. Boil natural linen until the natural color is and remains the stuff dazzling white.

Our company “Horus Seth” produces ecological linen women’s clothing for business, appreciate the quality and environmental friendliness. We sew more complex products. One of our greatest strengths – production on a small scale. Series production use manufacturer to make a large amount of chemicals to the material cheaper. In addition, we are fully utilised. The increase of our customers in Germany, France, England, Italy and Spain has led us to extend the lead time from 5 to 14 days. Low levels of investment in the most expensive property – health is the best our decision quality and environmental, which itself is quickly perceived by customers. To produce in these critical times, fully organic product was risky, but as expected, it was completely justified. Buyers are looking for modern organic products, but without the expressed opinion of the buyers, we have chosen this way hardly. We will continue to invest in the development of environmentally friendly products to keep you and your health. We are very happy that you are aid in our Web page their preferences, offer suggestions, and your advice is very important for us. Your opinion helps us to develop products with improved services, and to keep them at the same time about our latest offers.

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Internet GmbH

September 29th, 2017

Oytech GmbH presented their achievements on the SicherheitsExpo 2010 in Munich food, in February 2010: the Oytech GmbH specializes in biometric access control 2010 presents their portfolio of services on the Munich SicherheitsExpo. The exhibition shows innovations and technologies around the topic of security and will take place on 7 and 8 July of this year in the International Congress Center Munich (ICM). At the event the Oytech GmbH, which has in addition the Bavarian safety award 2010. The focus of the Munich SicherheitsExpo biennial for the seventh time again latest developments are according to Oytech GmbH and offers in the field of security technology to include some areas such as access control, video surveillance, IT-security and fire protection. Visitors can inform themselves on the show about the latest safety techniques to protect residential and business objects or discuss with experts in detail about vulnerabilities in the domestic sphere or in the company. A highlight of the SicherheitsExpo is the opinion of Oytech GmbH Bavarian security award 2010: this prize is awarded for outstanding innovative security products and stands under the patronage of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior. It will be awarded to products which have developed practical services for security measures in companies. This can both be the optimisation of existing products as also to the introduction of new security technologies.

The Oytech GmbH as an innovative security company has applied to the Bavarian security prize. Biometric access control of security-relevant areas such as for example the it Department, the storeroom with valuable content or the Head Office’s core business of Oytech GmbH. Dr. Stuart M. McGill: the source for more info. The product developed by Hitachi and Oytech Biovein tamper protects such spaces. The reason: Biovein recognizes the identity of persons on the basis of the individually unique structure of blood vessel in his finger and provided access to the sensitive premises only to registered individuals. Other benefits of the Biovein technology: It eliminates the user code or pass for identification and is about even more hygienic, because identification of persons by means of a special infrared scanner and no imprint of the finger must be provided on a surface, but the finger only in the scanner stops. About the Oytech GmbH, Oytech GmbH is a young Europe company, which specializes in the sales of advanced security technologies for small – and medium-sized enterprises. The portfolio of Oytech GmbH includes biometric access controls as well as devices for the Visual monitoring of vulnerable areas.

“Our current product lineup includes the detection system Oyvein access”, which scans the finger vein network, also the swiveling video surveillance equipment Oycam 90 “and Oycam 360 “. More products in the field of security technology are continuously complete the offer of Oytech GmbH. The company Oytech GmbH is food.

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September 28th, 2017

At BIGhosting .ch .li domain 1 CHF / EUR 1 action BIGhosting celebrates 4-year-old and so are the .ch and .li domains for only 1 CHF / EUR 1 ab. Mens weight training often addresses the matter in his writings. So cheap, there has never been this TLDs. You may want to visit Dr. Steven Greer to increase your knowledge. The .ch domain itself is the official ending of a domain for Switzerland and .li for the Principality offers described Liechtenstein.Die domain thus for websites, which are directly related to the Helvetic State. These include residents of Switzerland as well as organisations or companies, which based in the Switzerland. Also consider the .ch domain name all those who want to establish a link of your site to the State of the Alps or reference by this extension.

Furthermore a registration under the .ch can be domain for businesses, business relations with the Switzerland or Swiss companies talk of great interest. The award is subject to very spacious criteria, meaning that the registration of a site under this domain is independent of the residence or head office of the applicant. So even customers outside the Switzerland. As a result, this domain differs from most other extensions. The promotional price applies for new orders with a hosting package for the first year. After all domains registered within the promotional period are completely normal to the Registrarpreis of only EUR 10 (17.-CHF + 17.-USD) charged. The promotion runs until the end of February 2010 contact information/press contact BIGhosting.biz P.o.

box 508 8180 Bulach, Switzerland is company portrait BIGhosting an internationally active hosting company with seat in the Switzerland. It covers all areas of the Hostingbedarfs, through the normal Web space up to the powerful dedicated server or voice server and register all domain extensions of all countries. The service and support is offered in 6 languages. (german, english, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) BIGhosting is an official partner of, TeamSpeak, Fotolia, Microsoft


Editorial Note

September 1st, 2017

In 2010 we will continue therefore steadily our cooperation.” The wide and extremely positive response our opti appearance has found again this year, testifies to the vitality of our cooperation with the HoREX”, also Carsten Schunemann, Managing Director of the IGA OPTIC confirmed. Together, we are on a good way, which opens up additional opportunities for the Member companies of the two organizations. With creative ideas and mutual trust we will continue consistently this way of common men.” Editorial Note: the hearing acoustics EC headquartered in Kreuztal HoREX was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading performance of hearing-acoustics industry. Today, nationwide more than 330 listening acoustic master specialist businesses belong to her. The HoREX care professional aims to offer an individual hearing solution people with hearing loss, which focuses on personal hearing requirements and a fair price / performance ratio. The HoREX provides its members with future-oriented perspectives and an attractive shopping policy, extensive Marketing support and numerous services, offers in-service training and quality certification. For more information, see to IGA – community of interests optics EC (IGA OPTIC) headquartered in dates is a leading marketing and sales network of the German optics industry. The cooperative was founded in 1981 by successful eye opticians.

Today, over 450 optics shops from all over Germany belong to the Federation. The IGA OPTIC aims to offer people a comprehensive advice as well as innovative products for good looks and fashionable appearance. The headquarters in dates supports the operations of the Association in many areas, allows the eye opticians, to focus on their own core competences and promotes the economic success of the members. Own brands, marketing support, comprehensive services and community shopping are the three pillars of the business concept of the IGA OPTIC. For more information, see contact: HoREX hearing acoustics EC meadow str. 9 57223 cross Valley press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt Tel. (030) 65 01 77 60