Staff Sickness

October 1st, 2017

The detectives procured you can evidence the pay sick pay law (EFzG) committed to the employer to pay the wages specified in the employment contract or the salary this, although this may not provide Yes the contractually owed work performance during an illness of an employee for up to six weeks. Although this obligation applies only from the fifth week of employment, so she can represent an immense burden of costs for the employer. Usually, workers are ill not several weeks at a time. But it is striking that often weekends or before or after the weekend days are included. Suspicion quickly arises of workers is perhaps not really sick, but for leisure or renovations to the home uses the days. How can an employer in appropriate cases respond? If you want to separate from the employee by notice, objectively verifiable facts must be, a serious breach of the Employment contract represent and make it impossible to continue the employment relationship with confidence. The company itself is overwhelmed with the review of staff sickness.

A man not necessarily has manpower to visit the ill officially reported employees. Also professional detectives can operate much more discreet, so that it does not get with the observed person and to cling if necessary, equally suitable for the Court the facts of the Blaumachens by means of photo – and video evidence. If necessary the detectives as a witness standing trial available.