Nacional Alejandro

August 28th, 2019

In this area this is not met by local factors, mainly by the mountain system located here. Is produced what is known as orographic rainfall or Foehn effect, i.e., the rains are intense on the hillside from where the wind blows and dry on the other slope where the wind descends. And Baracoa lies where starts to blow the wind from the sea. Why it rains there almost every day and they fall almost 2 700 mm of rain per year. In the western part of these mountains there is a tropical characteristics of savanna climate, while to the East of them climate is tropical jungle, with 2 200 mm of rainfall, reaching 3 600 m in very remote and elevated areas. Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt and the reserve of the biosphere Cuchillas del Toa, whose visits have been recommended in previous issues, are located in this area. In the coastal plain of the southern coast the climate is semi-desert, where they only fall between 400 mm and 600 mm of rain. The road the Streetlight and all the roads that cross the mountains and are directed towards the coastal path to Guantanamo through these regions, so it can pass on a journey through an area with torrential downpours to another where a drop of water does not fall.

And this can happen throughout the year. Another reason for the difference in this area with respect to the rest of Cuba is the existence of a system of marine terraces impressive. It is counted among the most spectacular and best preserved in the Caribbean. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with idan ofer. Near Maisi terraces reaching almost 350 m in height, being less pronounced as it progresses westwards, towards Imias and Guantanamo. Take the road of the street lamp and go directly to Guantanamo, it would cease observing places truly interesting and unique in Cuba, although it would increase the distance to travel in almost 160 km.

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Imunolgico System

August 27th, 2019

Most common she is that the patient sare with the adequate treatment. (Hammerly, 1971) 1.2.21) Prevention: Vaccine with BCG. Vaccine: BCG (Bacillus of Calmette and Gurin) is one cepa attenuated of Mycobacterium bovis. It has controversy in the production against the pulmonary TB, the referring data the pulmonary TB, the referring data the protection the protection of just been born, in relation the tuberculosa meningite, strengthen indication of the vaccination.

1.2.22) Relation of the Tuberculosis and the AIDS Perceives it analyzing the bibliographical references of the tuberculosis that this has a cause and it even appears in the absence of the HIV or when it was condemned by the AIDS. It has that before any thing entering in contact with the patient and a susceptible patient. characteristics of the susceptibility favor its appearance are similar to the HIV. the tuberculosis presents as etiolgico agent the Mycobacterium tuberculosis, that is a bacterium. In the reality the HIV does not lead favors an opportune way for the appearance of the tuberculosis. Lowering the resistance of the Imunolgico System, opening the opportune way for the appearance of the tuberculosis. Lowering the resistance of the imunolgico system, opening way to penetrate, having little resistance. The appearance of the tuberculosis, beyond the presence is closely on with the life conditions.

The designated ones coincide with the ones of the co-factors and the AIDS. One perceives that it has a relation between one and another one. In consequence the tuberculosis is common enters the HIV/AIDS carriers. It is not simply the presence.