Acne Treatments

October 12th, 2010

Acne is a condition that due to numerous factors, many that make it difficult to controlar.Se patient needs continuous support at home, so tedious, that most often leaves the treatment. It is for these reasons that is being pursued from the Cosmiatry advance procedures to replace this collaboration, and enough from the cabinet meeting to resolve the problem, or at least get that patient cooperation is not as essential. This treatment is based on the action on the stratum corneum, (generally thickened and dehydrated), and the increased production of collagen by the fibroblast. 1-Action on the stratum corneum is the epidermis layer of the skin.The shot consists of five layers, the most superficial of them. A healthy state, should be approximately lines of the skin is dehydrated, it thickens from the stratum corneum and in doing so, usually produces a sebaceous duct obstruction and consequent inflammation of the duct. Educate yourself even more fully with thoughts from mens weight training. That’s why, as a first step in this treatment will work on trimming the stratum corneum. 2-action on collagen Collagen is a protein found in dermis, as many proteins, is eager to agua.A greater hydration, increased skin benefits: more water, detoxifying processes will be most effective, the spots become more tenuous, the skin looks more translucent (plastic recovery aspect.) Collagen is a protein of long chain, so that their ionization. This is why the treatment is highly effective: it is being added from the outside but is the very skin that produces it. Process of formation of collagen The fibroblast is a cell located in the dermis responsible for the formation. This is a type of radio frequency energy that stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen: a greater number of collagen, increased hydration, increased firmness, etc. That’s why this treatment targets acne from two directions: the sebaceous duct, thus improving the exchange of the skin with the external environment, and detoxification through water containing collagen. It is suggested to make this treatment regardless of health and hygiene routine deep cabinet.

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