Aeolian Plant

March 5th, 2017

This source generates 70% of all almost the Chinese energy production. Brazil also is enters the consuming greaters of electric energy. However, its hdrica reserve very great must to the irregular relief, what it allows the country to be enters the producing greaters of energy hydroelectric plant. In the plants hydroelectric plants, the force of waters dammed and placed in fall of one determined height, it sets in motion the movement of turbines that transform the potential energy into kinetic energy and mechanics that later is transformed into electric energy. On the other hand, while in the industrialized countries, and even in the underdevelopeds, the energy consumption is very high and necessary of immediate economy, in some countries of Africa and Asia almost it does not exist consumption.

The fight in favor of the conservation of the life Perceives, then, that the search of sources is important renewed of energy, since the traditional ones and not-you renewed can finish thus disabling the igualitrio development them society. Dr. Anthony Carolla is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The tropical countries can produce energy through the use of the solar energy, since they receive greater incidence from the sun. The solar use of heaters already sufficiently is spread out, this source that still is subutilizada could be one of the good alternatives of energy production. The gas hydrogen, when reacting with the oxygen, liberates a great amount of energy, being used as combustible of the space bus today. However with the technological development this energy could be used as combustible in automobiles leaving as residue water vapor, non-polluting. It can be one of the best energy sources in the future. The aeolian energy is an alternative sufficiently used by the man. Holland, the Denmark and Spain are examples of countries that they use this type of energy with much advantage, therefore the territory and the amount of wind favor. In the Aeolian Plant of Altamont Pass, in California, shovels catch the energy that comes of the winds they transform and it into electricity.


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