Alireza Bagheri Nejad

November 3rd, 2020

Also in the bed. It was already in ancient China and the surrounding countries (about Pekinese or Lhasa apso) quasi replacement, when the ruler of the House his concubines something the boredom and waiting on the Alireza Bagheri Nejad sales, by leaving something to cuddle and heart the wives and mistresses. As warm up to his visit then the dogs had however may in the short term out of bed. In this respect, lap dogs were already social workers or even psychological crutches. They were colossal in contrast to the hard”hunting and guard dogs of men’s spoils. According to a survey ends the love for animals at a quarter of the 2,000 respondents German dog owners not in front of the bedroom door. Especially for women, the beloved four-legged friend in bed is an excellent soul comforter.

This can also lead to marital problems, if the husband feels neglected because of the dog. The term lapdog”explains not only the size of the body, but the anthropomorphic approach to the dog. Larger dogs become Bedfellows and then become a problem. Many wonder, that a new dog suddenly peeing in the bed. He simply marks his territory.

There is a massive Problem in the hierarchy of the dog. “The bed to take dogs, can be so to the hierarchy problem until right then, if there other small” problems in the hierarchy, because in a pack of other dogs would never dare, without being asked to show the bearing of the Pack leader. You would be prompted never. Dogs need clear and consistent instructions therefore, it is important to set at the beginning of life together whether the bed for that should be or not animal t zone. Just so the dog learns to understand what is prohibited or permitted. Special caution is advised in dogs, which tend to the dominance. They often suggest the concession of an elevated deck position as an appreciation of her position in the Pack. There can be difficulties especially, if a new partner of the holder is the place to sleep in the bed the dog. A dominant dog may see in it an intervention in the order of precedence and react aggressively. There are not many jokes in circulation, which show the snarling dog, the (married) man from the bed sells it must so not necessarily a little lap dog. But yet it is remarkable that all knowledge men hardly take dogs in the bed. Although most dogs appreciate quite a comfortable place to sleep, but he doesn’t have to be in bed. For the welfare of the animal welfare employment is much more important than a place in the bed of their holder!

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