August 27th, 2019

of benefits: Special graphical illustration that explains the benefits of the pump: the diagram represents the curve formed by the values of volume and of lifting height, indicated in reference to a certain type of bun diameter and to a specific model of pump. Low level: Special installation of the pump, placed at a level inferior to the one of the vein of which the water is extracted: this way, the water enters the pump without no difficulty spontaneously. Fattened: Filling of the pump or the pipe to clear the present air in them. In some cases, they are possible to be provided, also, pumps car barleys, that is to say, equipped with an automatic device that facilitates fattened and therefore the beginning of the pump, which would be impossible of another way, and in addition very slow.

Cavitation: Phenomenon caused by an instability in the flow of the current. The cavitation is pronounced with the formation of cavity in the pumped liquid and is accompanied by noisy vibrations, reduction of the volume and, to a lesser extent, the pump duty. It is caused by the fast passage of small steam bubbles through the pump: its collapse generates micro spurts that can cause serious damages. Pressure drops: Energy losses due to the friction of the liquid against the walls of the pipe, proportional to the length of these. Also they are proportional to squared of the speed of sliding and the variability in relation to the nature of the pumped liquid.

Whenever it falls the normal sliding of the moved fluid represents a possibility of pressure drops like the abrupt changes of direction or section of the pipes. In order to obtain in the pump a correct sizing, the sum of such losses is due to add originally around predicted elevation. Mechanical seal: Mechanical seal for rolling axes.


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