October 29th, 2020

The idea of progress is deeply rooted in the consciousness of modern man. As a matter of course assumed that all marked by the later time of appearance: clock, home, beach umbrellas, cars, pens, crafts, training systems – it is absolutely better than previous designs of similar products. Newer is better. But is this true? It happens that the payment for "progress" is unsustainable and must seek new solutions. And a new something strikingly resembles the well-forgotten old.

Perhaps not coincidentally age of jet aircraft gave us a glider – a dream come true on the flight, which sketched out the contours of even the great Leonardo, not by accident into the ocean, it seemed forever forgotten sails again leave the court with tall masts carrying a Dacron sail, and the computer calculates each turn their silver wings. not to miss the slightest puff of wind. Povoe? Old? Or the very dialectical turn endless spiral – a return to old ideas to the next level? But not if we were distracted? We are interested in answer to a specific question: what principles and training system is better old or new? Ie which were used by athletes at the dawn of their sport or modern? In my opinion, the answer is obvious, of course, modern. With their help, smashed the previous record nez, not beaten – an estimate. Ideas about the possibilities of human widened extraordinarily. And all this is true, but, as often happens, it's not the whole truth. First of all the, as rightly observes P.

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