Cat Diseases

February 3rd, 2011

Some animals suffer from ailments caused by food, parasites and microbes that exist in our environment. Animals such as cats with diseases or conditions that appropriate treatments can improve or even eliminate the discomfort. Here are some diseases of cats with their proper treatment. When we talk about external parasites, we refer to those diseases of cats as fleas, ticks and lice. Fleas are one of the most common diseases of cats.

This is small, black and without wings, but instead has a great ability to jump, hindering their extermination. Fleas are housed between the hairs no matter they are clean. These diseases of cats cause severe irritation to the skin, because of the toxins expelled from the flea, causing the cat to scratch and scratch causing injury. Lice and ticks are diseases like cat fleas, both in its problems and the solution. For the above diseases of cats are recommended to visit the doctor veterinarian to prescribe a non-toxic insecticide cleaning supplemented by a further cat and his environment which is often. Internal parasites, are diseases of cats that develop in the digestive tract causing severe disorders.

The most common parasites are flatworms, roundworm, cat and cat hookworm. These diseases of cats are made in inadequate food or products in poor or polluted water. These attack the intestine of the cat and removed the eggs with fecal material. You have to have her litter box tidy, cook the food that the animal will eat and have good clean place to stay, also consult your veterinarian regularly to deworm the cat and avoid some of these parasites. Obesity is excess body fat, this is a disease of cats that tend to reduce life cycle, in addition to joint problems, respiratory disorders, heart problems, liver problems and problems dermatology. Unfortunately this is one of the most common cat illnesses in adults. With age the cat gain weight, but an exaggerated increase is due to lack of exercise and a big meal and unbalanced. To prevent this disease, it is necessary to reduce the amount of food that is supplied to the cat or measure the amount of food that should get turned down due to its size and weight. Also, you change the diet for one in calories, increasing exercise playing more with him, do not eat between meals but in the established schedules. Prevention of this disease of cats can be achieved if we provide education to cat food from puppyhood. Diseases of the eye and ear cats should consult your veterinarian immediately. The eyepieces are easy to spot and usually cured with antibiotics. With the ear symptoms such as head shaking, scratching the affected area, rubbing the ears, lean your head on the affected side, presence of bad smell and even hearing loss. But these will pay the vet.

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