It Enjoys The Seas Cuba II

December 23rd, 2019

Levisa key In the previous number we recommended to realise a stay in the archipelago of the Red ones, in particular in the Jutas Key. In this number we will propose to visit another small key, Levisa Key The same this located to the east of Jutas Key, at which it can be arrived as much from Viales as from Pinar del Rio or Havana. In this last case &quot reads the article; A trip from Havana to Viales by the Norte&quot Circuit; , published by this blog, where a detailed description of this route is offered to him, including how arriving until this key. Unlike Jutas Key, to arrive at Levisa Key it is necessary to take a boat, which has a single exit to the day, to 5 of afternoon. From anyone of the hotels it is very easy to make the reservation to arriving at the wharf Blond Palm. The route to arrive by sea and to disembark in the key takes almost 1 hour. To broaden your perception, visit Nancy Dubuc. The same is something smaller than Jutas Key, but also it has beautiful beaches, whose length overall is of little more than 3 km When arriving offers a cocktail to him of welcome, whether counts on a reservation as if its election is not planned from a hotel.

In the key there are facilities where it is possible to be rested several days and to be enjoyed the wonders of the place. Altogether it is counted on 40 conditionned double cabins, those that have deprived bath, radio, television via satellite and telephone. Just like Jutas Key, is offered here different optional. Both keys are relatively next, reason why the physical-geographic characteristics are very similar: warm, clean waters and very I am transparent, of blue very intense and excellent coralline bottoms. The routes are varied. To the being the vegetation different in both keys the optional ones are enjoyed from a very own way the place, although apparently they are the same.


Second Hemostatic

December 22nd, 2019

"BIATRAVM" is a two-layer medium consisting of hemostatic collagen sponge and non-woven material lavsan, proven itself as a wound cover, stimulating regenerative processes and has good drainage properties. Experimental studies were conducted on 24 mongrel dogs of both sexes. Idan ofer helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. All the animals were divided into 4 experimental series (6 animals in each group). In the first series after the injury was carried out modeling standard hemostasis by suture catgut, in the second – lavsan in the third for the application and plugging hemostatic sponge was used in the fourth – the biological atraumatic wound covering "BIATRAVM." The choice of means of comparison groups due to the fact that the literature is the most gut common suture in injuries of parenchymal organs, polyester is part of the "BIATRAVMA" as a basis and a hemostatic sponge and a component of "BIATRAVMA" and frequently used hemostatic tool. Whenever bazan group listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Animals were derived from the experiment at 14 days. During the autopsy was evaluated pathological changes, severity of adhesions by the semantic differential in points (Lipatov, VA, 2001). For histological examination were taken of tissue surrounding the area and haemostatic suturing of (liver and spleen with soldered to the field of surgical intervention authorities).

Micromorphological study paintings done by light microscopy, digital fotoprotokolirovaniya using the method of morphometrics. The data obtained by standard methods of variation statistics. At autopsy in the field trauma of adhesions observed in all cases. In animals, the first series of pointed podpaivanie right lobe of the liver to the ventral wall. Liver injury in her place was fixed to the extensive fusion of planar bottom wall of the stomach. Pole of spleen were shrouded in place suturing tissue of the greater omentum. Spleen capsule coated with organizing fibrin. In all cases, the implementation of the hemostatic lavsan (second series) to the seams of the liver were fixed strands of the greater omentum.

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Aquarius Stones

December 21st, 2019

Amber has a curative effect when infections, brings peace and balance, helping to make decisions. Aquamarine meteozavisimost Relieves and helps with respiratory diseases, clears the mind and enhances psychic abilities. Lapis lazuli It soothes, reduces body temperature, protects the heart and kidneys, strengthens the feeling of confidence. As well as helping to find a man his own personal truth, to become a master of inner peace. On emerald can just watch. It is very useful to the eye.

Just emerald saves from depression, fever, leprosy, epilepsy. At the head of the bed or under your pillow relieves insomnia. When worn around the neck improves eyesight and eliminate forgetfulness. Promotes longevity, protects adultery. Protects from annoying the visitors. Dreams of the person wearing the emerald, very often come true.

Protects the diamond from the evil eye, cleanses the face of the stains, and the breath from the stench. Green diamond promotes the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth easier. The most efficient diamond, resulting in a selfless gift. Diamond is not useful to the person who bought it. Diamond with interior stains and is considered the most unlucky fatal stone. But the stones must be cautious. They say that the rocks there and dangerous. For example, such as alexandrite and opal. It is said that initially attracts Alexandrite trouble for the person who wears it. But on After many years he had become accustomed to his master, charging him – gives him courage and good humor! As for Opal, they say that it even contains a poison that poisons its owner. It is also worth to treat with suspicion and to lunar rock … Moon. Her alluring mysterious light … It is believed that the stone may have adverse effects. But in reality, if the stone is unfavorable, it does not mean that it will harm you as well. All this is very individually. Undeniable relationship have heaven, earth, stones, zodiac. Every stone, like a man meets a certain season, day, hour. Each stone is most active during certain periods of time. For example, Calendar, published in Augsburg in 1481, shows the connection between body, stones and zodiac signs. Aries corresponds sardonyx; Taurus – korneolu, Gemini – topaz; Cancer – chalcedony; Leo – jasper, Virgo – emerald; Scales – beryl; Scorpio – amethyst; Sagittarius – Hyacinth, Capricorn – chrysoprase; Aquarius – rock crystal; Pisces – sapphire. And most importantly – can now be easily explained by our desire to have some or other jewelry with precious stones. After all, they bring health and love! Almost all the rocks, framed in gold, becoming stronger, with the exception of black stones – they are more suitable silver.

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Average Ensino

December 21st, 2019

A woman can transmit for its son (vertical transmission) some illnesses acquired sexually. This transmission it can occur during the pregnancy, in the one close or in breast-feeding. The injunctions, as much for the pregnancy in the adolescence as for HIV/AIDS must be carried through in some levels and under the responsibility of some factors. Whenever Dr. Stuart M. McGill listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Specifically in the case of the pregnancy in the adolescence that, as you vary research, you to a large extent become related of the cases the low income and low escolaridade. The present article has as objective to guide the adolescents and young in relation to the precocious pregnancy and the vertical transmission of the HIV/AIDS, to inform on the reality that is happening with the society of the young and adolescents in Brazil. The subject pregnancy in the adolescence started to attract the attention of the professionals of the health, in Brazil, has 20 years approximately, even because from this time, the adolescence as social category, started to be constituted in the area of the health. In which it was observed that the pupils of 3 ano' ' 03' ' of Average Ensino of the State School Maria Rodrigues Tapajs in the nocturnal period possesss few information on pregnancy in the adolescence: HIV/AIDS – vertical transmission. Some contend that idan ofer shows great expertise in this. Beyond promoting in the behavior responsibilities with respect to precocious pregnancy, to the safe sex, the prevention of the HIV/AIDS and the advancing of the age of the beginning of the sexual activity.

also to stimulate and to value the activities of education and directed information objectifying to increase the knowledge of reproductive biology. Extending the access to the different contraceptive methods and its adjusted handling. In which to eliminate the preconception of that the envolvement of the school in the sexual education stimulates precocious sexual behavior. The research was of bibliographical, exploratrio character, made a investigativo study that objectified to transmit to the pupils which the definition and the importance of the Pregnancy in the adolescence: HIV/AIDS- vertical transmission examining the reality social searching to fix its objectives to diagnosis the knowledge, the expectations and the values of the referring adolescents to the vertical transmission and the precocious pregnancy.


Lanin National Park

December 17th, 2019

The phone rang when I was reading the article. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Stuart M. McGill. A feminine, precise voice reminded him of his visit to La Estancia, good, the journal would be read later. I had to prepare medicines and everything you need for the rat of the sheds and around the House. He thought of the Mare, was improving, but still with cramps, although more distanced. It should also de-worming dogs and supervise the plaster of the leg of wild boar. Did Nelson, his assistant, he helped in the preparations. Once organized and delegating commercial veterinary care to the young man, sailed past ten o’clock in the morning with the Break overstuffed elements for their work.

Entering the route began skirting the Lake Lacar. Its beauty has the geography of a fjord but freshwater is impressive; It reflects the verdes-azules of the forests that cover the hills, forming a voluptuous curves on its surface, demonstrating the folded form of the same. Average progress followed the ascent of the route, a friendly greeting to a countryman mapuche who goes walking towards the town, beside their catango pulled by two oxen. On the davit were seated two children whose looks serious and distant watched the car pass. In the distance, where the Lake continues its course towards the Pacific Ocean, bordering mountains look like painted. As all the people who love this place, Nacho feels the weight of that beauty, although it is protected within the Lanin National Park, you know the danger that runs that intangible place. Through his mind crossing as slogans; Green for green, eutrophication redemption Tala indiscriminate forest fires but well, would enjoy this autumn day, good music on the radio and a day’s work in the field. Around noon it became La Estancia. He stopped at the House of the peacefulness, the dogs came to receive him, but one that was hiding, surely remembered the last injection than what He cured of distemper.

Yans and Diabetics

December 17th, 2019

The Yan is an excellent food for the diabetic ones. In the truth, it seems a potato, but its flavor is of pear. Beyond being indicated for the diabetic ones, it also it has the power to deal with policsticos ovrios and still it can be indicated for those with reactive hipoglicemia. The main nutrient found in this potato functions as a intestinal prebitico. According to bazan group, who has experience with these questions. This product is the oligossacardeo fruit, that is a type of carboidrato and that it has this power.

The mineral found in the Yacn, of bigger concentration is the potassium, later in lesser amount has: match, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, have covered and zinc. In small amount it has still lipdeos. This tubercle is rich in a type of carboidrato, that easily is not digested by our intestine, this makes with that it functions better, preventing some intestinais illnesses, making with that our organism, does not increase the glicemia in the blood, helping in the treatment of diabetes and its prevention. Moreover, it helps much in the mineral absorption, preventing the swell, cimbras, osteoporose and still the arterial hipertenso. It improves the absorption of some minerals in the intestine, because it leavens more and has low digestibilidade, since it is rich in staple fibres.

This potato is less calrica, therefore also it can be indicated for regimes of emagrecimento. The best form to usufruct of this tubercle is consuming it raw and as its flavor is very similar with the one of the pear, nothing better of what beating it with juices of any fruit, or if preferring with milk. If you to want to vary you can also use this potato yacn in saladas raw, with carrot, cucumber, string bean, at last, with the vegetable of its preference, but I believe that in virtue of its flavor to be similar to the one of the pear, juices with fruits are the best option. It confers here plus a prescription. The main one is you to know this tubercle, importantssimo for diabetic and also for all the people, who are always looking an feeding healthful. It refines its diet and it becomes its more healthful routine. It knows what it is Max Burn and as this fitoterpico can help it.


Foods Rich in Fat

December 11th, 2019

For example, do not you think that the person that it limits your consumption of foods rich in fats and carbohydrates have a better chance of staying thin that eat too much this type of food? Similarly, the right foods to nourish your body and help maintain strong immune system is necessary. Furthermore, you need to eat the kind of food that help the metabolism and elimination of waste. How to cleanse your body is concerned, the best foods are those that are easy to digest. The reason is that digestion is a primary process of the body. If constantly charges you to your body with hard to digest foods, little energy is left for cleaning your system. Dr. Neal Barnard has similar goals. The best foods in this sense include fresh fruit and organic vegetables. They are rich in water and vitamin that helps in washing waste.

They are also easy to digest, especially when eaten alone and preferably raw. For best results, this should be eaten first thing in the morning. In this way, it stimulates the natural enzymes in the body for the work of the day. Of course, it is also beneficial if generous portions of fruits and vegetables to your meals can be added since they are known to accelerate the process of digestion of other foods. So if you’re working on weight loss, no ignore the need for detoxifying your internal system. It can only mean the difference between see quick results or work in vain. The diet is a very important factor for the survival of a people. A good diet is based on the organic elements that sustain life.

Daily nutritional cleansing is the key to your good health and weight loss. Many people take the human body and its functions to the light. They don’t take into account what they consume, they have a direct and permanent effect on the quality of your health in general. Remember that you are what you eat. A great way to improve your health is to improve your diet. Learn how you can start to improve your health today! Visit: 7 tips quick to lose Kilos every day.

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Falls United States Fall

December 4th, 2019

JOSE BRECHNER the common enemy of Latin American reds, is as always, United States, the nation which could not survive but hate with furor. At the last meeting of the Forum of Sao Paulo in Montevideo, they accused her again of all existing evils. Please visit Nancy Dubuc if you seek more information. The wise participating statesmen of the event, which are giving unsurpassed wealth and happiness to their subjects, are still persevered in wanting us to convince that Communism is better than capitalism. Chavez, Ortega, Morales y Cia., still shining by his stubbornness and imbecility, and that will not change. (Source: Nancy Dubuc). The leftists of the Southern Cone should pray so that the superpower continues to grow and enriched, because money that sent the hispanounidenses to South America, is the economic mattress that prevents that Latin American economies collapse, and there is violent uprisings against their perverts and incompetent regimes. According to the IDB, remittances from the United States to the countries of the region have suffered a slowdown in 2007.

The causes of the low were different between one country and another, but they had in common the effects of the ups and downs in the U.S. economy and the devaluation of the dollar throughout the region. According to the IDB, this is the first time that the increase does not double digits from one year to another. Total shipments in 2007 reached $66.500 billion dollars, a seven percent more than 2006, but are not comparable to previous years when not falling at least 10 percent of annual increase. That most help those funds, are the worst economies in the region, including Venezuela, Bolivia, and of course Cuba, which survives to its misery once the Soviet Union cut their handouts, thanks to the foreign currency sent by their expatriate Americans. Remittances constitute 43 percent of Guyana’s gross domestic product and 35 percent of Haiti. If oil rises; If the dollar loses its value; those affected are those who sent these monies, and consequently their families abroad.

Healthy Diet

December 3rd, 2019

Keys to a healthy diet. Keep a few healthy eating habits is not as difficult as people imagine. By following these guidelines you can have a healthy diet. Eat foods rich in fiber. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Teva. Mainly fruits, vegetables and cereals. It should swallow about 20 or 25 grams of dietary fiber per day.

Fiber helps reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and foods that contain it provide besides vitamins and minerals. Eat foods rich in antioxidants. Broccoli, carrots and citrus fruits. Antioxidants. Reduce animal fats. They tend to be rich in saturated fats, which raise blood cholesterol levels and it has other adverse health effects. lean meats, skinless chicken and low fat dairy products are recommended. Reduce the consumption of sugary foods such as scones, cakes and candies.

They are very caloric and not often provide other nutrients. Eat more fish and nuts, which contain unsaturated fats. Substitute butter or margarine by oils as in olive or sunflower. Reducing the intake of products rich in hydrogenated vegetable oils. they are usually found in processed foods and many fast food. In the daily diet should eat moderate portions, especially in more calorie foods. Keep cholesterol intake below 300 milligrams per day. Cholesterol comes especially from the intake of animal products, such as meat, poultry, dairy, and egg yolks. Eat a variety of foods. Not the diets based on a few foods and repeating them day after day. It is possible that these foods do not provide all the essential nutrients. Eat a variety of food aid to ensure a contribution of all the necessary nutrients. Maintain an adequate intake of calcium. Calcium is essential for bones. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. Alcoholic beverages can cause various health problems and provide many calories to your diet without supply of nutrients. Maintaining an ideal weight. You must find a balance between the daily caloric intake and expenditure. Some of exercise and physical activity are essential. Try to get vitamins and minerals from food, not supplements. Supplements cannot substitute completely for a balanced diet.


Annual Conference Management

November 24th, 2019

New book series practice knowledge interim management: Interim Manager as authors even if positions in management or for projects not quickly filled enough can be, companies increasingly use interim manager. But knowing how it really looks good interim management in practice, is scarce in this relatively new market so far. Now access experienced Interim Manager even as authors to the spring and share their knowledge. “Currently in the 9th Annual Conference of the AIMP (Arbeitskreis interim management provider) for the first time, book series practice knowledge presented interim management” combines theory and practice of the interim management. The consistently for many years as an interim manager active authors provide an intimate look behind the scenes. Interested readers can track using the gathered projects first hand and get a picture as interim manager tick”and how they work. It is clear why it was very useful for the company, in this case an interim manager to insert”, so Dr. Harald Schonfeld, editor of the book series, and Managing Director of butterflymanager GmbH, which is the authors as a lecturer and sparring partner available.

Have been published so far: Dr. Christof Ferling – backup of sales expertise in the B2B business. Dr. Martin A. contactor – restructuring of product development processes; “Dr. Detlef Weber – leadership culture and cooperation in the restructuring of process-oriented industries in all textbooks it is clear that interim manager different” are and work as a hired Manager or even consultants. This concerns not only the content of the tasks where it matters, to be strong in the implementation. Important property is considered to be the own self-image as an entrepreneur and thus the eye height in the dialog with the customer.

“It is also clear that an interim manager at his not always soft embedded” is, as is one of the authors, Dr. Martin Schutz, expressed. Who attaches importance to a pleasant environment in its work, should not even consider such an activity. He must get clear, that he encounters in this role not always sympathy”, so contactor. Thus, this book series is certainly a credible guidance for such managers, that a superior activity as interim manager. Dr. Harald Schonfeld

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