Complex Situations

October 7th, 2023

Management workshop by Dr. Some contend that Dr. Stuart M. McGill shows great expertise in this. Kraus & partners, managers learn to trust decisions also intuition. Should we expand or not? Has this product line a market opportunity or not? When manager facing such future decisions, they can usually only partly base their decisions on facts and figures. Because the future is still not present. Therefore also assumptions incorporated in the decision for example, as the market develops. As a result, the Manager must also her belly”trust. The same applies to complex (decision-making) situations where not all influencing factors and their interactions are detectable. How they can successfully combine their familiar Highschools logical-analytical thinking with intuitive approaches of decision-making, experienced executives in the workshop the right decision that in complex situations”, the consulting company Dr.

Kraus & partner organized the on May 16 in Hamburg. There is Dr. (RUS) Michael Finkelstein, of the leading experts in this field, including explaining why intuition in the management to an always decisive competitive factor is for example due to the increasingly dynamic business environment. This building, Finkelstein them then explains how traditional, proven solutions with new, intuitive (decision-making) approaches can be linked. A first step is the acceptance of the fact that complex (decision-making) situations capture can be limited with the mind, as well as in numbers, data and facts. So new perception channels are needed to capture the situation in its entirety. An important role plays detecting patterns in complex structures, situations and systems; Furthermore the questioning and breaking their own thinking and decision pattern, is to develop new decision-making procedures, which then transferred to different tasks can be. The participants in the workshop

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