Coronary Arteries

January 23rd, 2021

Of the cardiovascular diseases, the one of the coronary arteries (EAC), that is of the heart, it is the main cause of murder in the men and the women in the United States. In fact, he is most popular anywhere in the world. What you can make to prevent it? Here I give some advice you so that you consider if you want to have a heart that walks to all march. The coronary arteries play a very important role in your health: they give to your heart the nutrients and the oxygen him that needs through the chaste one. But, what happens if the flow of the chaste one is obstructed? The call arises disease from the coronary arteries (EAC). Learn more on the subject from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

The cause of this disease of the heart, is the bad cholesterol particle accumulation, triglycerides, fatty acids that form a well-known plate like plate of ateroma that is deposited inside the walls of the arteries. This it is known him as arteriosclerosis and it hardens and it reduced the diameter of the arteries. As the arteries cover more, the heart receives less chaste and is then when you can verify pain in the chest or angina of chest, that can be flanked of difficulty to breathe and other symptoms. The episode under the disease of coronary arteries is an infarct or attacks the heart more. The disease of the coronary arteries is developed during years without it discounts to you. Quiet field in your organism is abre, and perhaps for when you have the symptoms, it is too much behind schedule. For that reason, the secret is in taking preventive measures on the matter. The life habits that you take are keys to avoid or slow down with which this disease of the heart progresses.

Taking notices of these advice and you do not doubt in putting them in experience as rapidly as possible: 1-Do exercise: practicing a physical activity daily aid to shorten the factors of adventure of the disease of the coronary arteries: like lifted cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and obesity. 2-Leave smoke: if you do not want to suffer of an attack to heart, dile goodbye to the cigarette. 3-Take a healthy diet: integral fruits, vegetables and grains are the key. 4-Control your cholesterol levels:hazte one tries to evaluate your cholesterol when you turn 20 years and every 5 Aprils from then. 5-Measure your sanguineous pressure to learn if it is inside normal limits, if it is high taking measured to control it. 6-Lose weight, coverall if you have accumulated obesity around the waist. It finds the other 2 councils Here missing original Author and source of the article.


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