Czech Republic

August 26th, 2017

Fortunately, sufficient information – at your service the endless expanses of the Internet. As in the case of admission to university, is to first determine their plans, desires and abilities. Select a country depends on your age, profession, knowledge of foreign languages. Thus, if the speaker – is not your hobby, you should not rely on jobs in the service sector, banking or it. Not speak the language, you can only claim for job vacancies. Age and health status – another important factor.

If you are young in body and soul – it is possible to go to the North. If the slightest draft provokes a bad cold – warm country look. Your future plans are also affected to choose the country for employment. Jeffrey Bauer, PhD. contributes greatly to this topic. Plan to continue to stay in the country? Note, for example, the Czech Republic. After working in the country legally only 2,5 years, you may qualify for permanent residence.

And remember that employment abroad for skilled workers – a lengthy and complicated process. You need to find an employer who agrees to take you to the staff, never having seen "live". Necessary to conclude an employment contract and obtain permission to work in the country. And finally, you have to confirm (nostrify) his diploma. In each country – its laws, its own orders. Want to work legally abroad – to start with the theory! Would like to go for permanent residency? The most serious option. You make the choice that will change not only your life, but life people close to you.


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