Daniel Goleman

May 7th, 2021

People can discourage you, lose creativity, and end up drowning in a deep lack of motivation. Click Teva Pharmaceuticals to learn more. Be leader does not mean thinking about everything, do everything, is not someone who imposes his will on all fields, involves serve, convey the sense of mission, values. In terms of leadership styles, there is no one single operation for all occasions, styles be adapted to the situation by which the individual or the team. Is like driving a car from five speeds and know by the sound of the engine, at that time making changes. It would be impossible to make a long journey only at a high speed, do not believe?. Returning to the profile of the leader who described on my personal experience, it was a person, with much technical knowledge but with few powers to know get to the people. Fit perfect with the Peter principle when he says that a person can ascend position up to the limit of their incompetence something as well as losing a good soldier and win a bad boss. My boss at that then based its leadership in the power of his voice, his Dour gesture.

It was very far from the resonant leadership of Daniel Goleman, in reference to the leader who knows tune the emotions of people and gives an address emotionally positive. In this case it could be argued that it was a dissonant leadership (who cannot empathize, nor interpret emotions), style that predominated resembled the helmsman that sustains Goleman, when referring to the leader who pressed for achieving high standards of excellence, which impatient by low performance, to the point of wanting to personally resolve the problems. This style is complemented by the authoritarian, that of get it by I involved abide by say it incurring threats if necessary and orders without conditions. It’s leaders who are not able to delegate his authority.

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