Developing Self-Esteem

October 6th, 2013

In more than ten years dedicated to the development of self-esteem in many and very different individuals, I’ve observed compliance with infallible and without exception of three principles which need to understand, firstly, if you want to start a process of change. Check out teva for additional information. These principles can be viewed as the essential basic requirements that must be met before starting. First.-I am totally convinced evidenced all the methodologies used in research-if you want to solve one problem either, you need firstly, determine and know the root causes that cause this problem. It is something similar to what happens with a doctor it is the disease and not the symptoms. If it did so, in reality it would be no curing; in some cases disappear symptoms temporarily but the disease would remain there. On our part, there to look for the causes that are causing a perception of low self-esteem in your person. The first principle is then: knowing and attack the second causes.-the second principle is a claim that may seem simplistic at first, but I assure you that it is not: the solution to your problems in nature, i.e., to your internal problems cannot be found in any case out of yourself going back to the example of the medicine, it is logical thinking that the disease is within the person who presents it, not your neighbors or relativesfor example.

How many people would suffer in the world the consequences of low self-esteem if only understand this basic principle. The second principle is: the causes are inside. Do obvious? later you will see for yourself that not always, and not for everyone. Before moving on to the third principle I’d be understood that real change may not be through media magic or simplistic, personality problems are not simple; Anyone who thinks that there is an easy road is deceiving himself; who promise it, is lying.


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