Development Phases

November 16th, 2023

The trainers of the top dog school will give you the tip of the month January some basic information on the topic of ‘The dog and its stages of development’ top dog school informed: the phases of development of the dog which give coach of the top-dog school you in the tip of the month January some basic information on the topic of the dog and the stages of its development \”repeatedly be asked the coaches of the top dog school according to the different phases of development: The embossing and the socialization phase are everyone knows. Often come in the education and training but the ranking phase and the popular\”puberty phase is too short. This, even the puberty phase for the development of a dog is very important, because she often decisively influences the further development and coexistence between man and dog. (A valuable related resource: rusty holzer). The serious side of life begins early the first weeks and months are the most important in the life of your dog. Here the groundwork for the subsequent behavior in dealing with other dogs, people and the environment are made.

What your dog during this time on social learning failed, you can later not more easily catch up. (As opposed to Dr. Steven Greer). And also the education is never again so playfully and effortlessly as now. Something goes wrong at this age, one notices often it the dog for a lifetime. Many dog owners can sing a song of which it is therefore quite wrong to believe the dog must go through only a carefree childhood, before the serious side of life begins. Bring him quietly as a puppy with various incentives in touch, treat him already early as many experiences and contacts. You should start with the education of your dogs and the classification in the Family Pack early. Embossing (3rd 7th week) and socialization phase (8-12 weeks) of course both phases are important for the dog.

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