Don Peppers

October 18th, 2016

And some find more and more: all the good feelings that you can buy with money, are nothing go the good feeling that you feel you could help other people. And if a product is both trivial and interchangeable? Then search for a problem solution. So, the marketing expert reports Don Peppers by the Dutch utilities Eneco who provided the operators of greenhouses with customised regulatory systems so that each species under optimum climatic conditions could grow. People buy solutions to problems and good feelings not products, but solutions to problems and good feelings. No one is interested, what can a product, we’re interested in rather, what it does for us. But again, the product properties in the foreground push during a sales call. In many presentations that going on for half an hour: we are we have we can offer we! In other words: I’m telling you now, how great we are. For this reason I advise sellers: first, create a List of product features and also write the target situation is sought through a customer-focused solutions to problems and good feelings this then brings the customers in two separate columns,.

How to get from the what ‘ to the like ‘ and why ‘ and mentally embark on the customer side. A prime example of such an approach? The screw manufacturer Wurth. The customer problem? When it is particularly urgent, necessary screws go out or they are nowhere to be found. And that means: trouble! Thus, the warehouse management system ORSY was born. Solutions such as these, Wurth has been world market leader with low-interest products, which are standardized, inexpensive and totally unsexy respectfully.

Relevance determines you know exactly what your customers need? Like, we all tend to think others would see the world a little bit as we. And are then completely amazed at how someone can have an entirely different view of things. But as each face is unique, so also the brain in each individual is different.

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