Drug Addictions

September 11th, 2012

SPECIALIZED CLINIC Treatment of Alcoholism and the Drug addictions and Mental Health in the Familiar Group *Responsvel Technician: Dr. Carlos Alberto *Responsvel Figueiredo General Technician/Program: Fabiana Da Silva *Equipe Technique: Dra. Fabiana Da Silva: 12/07239 psychologist CRP Dr. Samir Andrighetto: 07/14,536 psychologist CRP Dr. Carlos Alberto Figueiredo: 10001 Clinical doctor General CRM/Address: Street Juvenal Leather strap of the Motta – center, 226, room 03 City: New headquarters CEP: 98675-000 State: Rio Grande Do Sul/RS Telephones: 55 3526 – 1214/9991-6442 email: CNPJ: Justification: The Drug addictions and Alcoholism are disturbing of the emotional and psychic balance of the citizens and the social groups. Therefore the establishment of a bond by means of specialized team is necessary, to openly extend the ethical and moral values of the estigmatizados individuals in the social context.

To prevent the fallen again ones we need Public Politics directed to the Reduction of Damages, that encourage abstinence and prepares the families to after receive and to retake the care during and the treatment. General objective: To promote the specialized clinical attendance to the society, particularly, to the carriers of psychic suffering, aiming at to the mental health of the familiar groups, where the Psychoactive Substances are disturbing of the mental balance and the harmony of the homes. Specific objective: To treat, to promote and to reestablish the cultural identity of the carriers of mental and mannering upheavals had to the use of multiple drugs and of the comorbidades. To involve the patients and its familiar ones in defined Therapeutical Programs in the individualizados projects developed by the team to multidiscipline with the ethical, familiar and social rescue of the psychic, emotional health of the citizens, its values. Methodology: The program is based on the Theory Comportamentalista Cognitiva and follows specific techniques and strategies, developing and making possible to the patient one better knowledge of itself and its illness.


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