January 26th, 2017

The Street of the Enchantment _o_ _o_//When I came back to open the eyes, already was in the hospital. The stretcher in movement and the lights of the ceiling passing on my eyes. It heard shouts of my mother. Its voice was unequivocal, mainly when it called for my name. Carlos, Carlos, my son. The voice was more distant. When the stretcher stopped, perceived an intense movement of doctors in my return.

The body did not feel more, only noticed that they made an incision in my chest. I came back to close the eyes and to try to sleep. Who knows would be everything decided when it woke up. If it woke up. But I did not obtain. I used to advantage, then, to repass my life.

Carlinhos, my beloved, I go to take you stops house. Under most conditions Dr. Neal Barnard would agree. My new mother announced. Finely! Either very happy, my son. behaves. It recommended Dolores Owner, supervisor of the orphanage, leading the couple of young until the recreation area. They pressed the young ones me. They cried of happiness. You are pretty. The young woman whispered with gotten passionate air of. We go to take care of of you, you? He does not have fear. It comes here! As if it could approach me more, to its they had involved me arms they had contracted and me in its col. I was taken now by the youngster, saved who me of being jammed. The couple if fascinated with me while it heard the recommendations of the Dolores Owner. The supervisor of the orphanage seemed to pass the explanations on a product: basic manuscript age, origin, cares. Still it explained on taken vaccines, the favourite tricks and the healthful feeding. Or would be one cozinho? I was confused, but happy. Of this time he could live in a truth house, with a truth family.


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