Ferdinand Niehammer

April 4th, 2021

“The Grail serves but certainly the Association of some fundamental opposites (” notes: see also talks “and thoughts on the paper” on the Internet page of the book). ” And on to the question: In the book and in the annex you write also about a way to return to paradise. How can such a thing be? You mean this as reality? “, Wallner F. says: If today, a person wants to reach paradise on the way from the East to the West, the Angel with the flaming sword is on the verge.” This means that succeeds in any living or better no conscious, to come back to paradise. Consequently Jesus has can reach paradise only as he of the dead”was, risen since he came from the West, the land of the dead, and there is no Angel! “” A short note about: he made it, the awareness, the us the fruits of the tree of life “have given with those of the tree of life” to connect. The paradise is always existent, only for the State of our consciousness not easily perceptible. One way shows within the framework of the action Joseph in the book, which may lead him through time and space again in paradise. From the West! As living! If it succeeds, I would like to not reveal here.

It would be however. a way that all people may be possible” If you want to travel not even in the search for the Holy Grail might the book be a suitable gift for friends? See detailed excerpts, reviews, wallpapers, discussions (E.g. what should be the Grail anyway) etc. to the website for the book: joseph.wolfgangwallnerf.com Ferdinand Niehammer.

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