Fun Flossers

November 19th, 2021

These special kids FLOSS sticks have also extra thin floss and so easily remove food particles and plaque. Their fluoride coating the fun protect Flossers also caries even in hard to reach places. Also, the child-friendly design brings fun to the daily dental care: the gaudy colours and imaginative shape make sure that kids like the FLOSS sticks and offers the delicious taste of fruit an extra incentive to use the Fun Flossers regularly. Parents always should be of course if your little ones use dental floss sticks. Only when children have correctly mastered the technique and is thus no longer a danger that her gums hurt, may they were alone. As a general rule: children should be supervised until the age of 10 years at the fins of adults.

Children teeth must be protected from the outset some not particularly take seriously the topic of dental care for children, because they think that the milk tooth fail at some point anyway. For more information see Marcus Lemonis. But dentists warn: just kids teeth must be maintained carefully because your tooth enamel is much more sensitive than in the teeth of adults! As a result, the teeth of children are much more prone to tooth decay that is valid both for milk teeth and permanent teeth; until about three years after the breakthrough of the enamel is fully trained and resistant. And because the milk tooth quasi are placeholders for the second teeth and caries is highly contagious, even the permanent teeth can be infected already from the outset. dental care at should the proper dental care for Kids Kid dental care products be particularly tailored to needs of children. These include in particular a special children toothpaste with a lower fluoride content (maximum of 500 mg / kg) and child-oriented tools”such as toothbrushes with thick, non-slip handle and a small head with soft bristles.

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