GKV Financing Act

May 7th, 2014

Facilitating change in the PKV voluntarily legally insured, have concluded a choice plan for their health insurance, subject to a three-year minimum commitment period for voluntarily legally insured with choice rates minimum lock-in periods. According to the statutory health insurance, this minimum period applies not only to a change to a different statutory health insurance company, but also for the change in the car. This minimum commitment period will be shortened by the statutory health insurance financing act partly on a year. For pricing options, providing insurance protection with premium refunds reimbursement of costs or the costs for medicines of special therapy directions, only a one-year minimum commitment period applies since January 2, 2011. A three-year minimum commitment period for pricing of options that include deductibles, as well as sickness benefit pricing options, but still applies. 53 SGB V the minimum binding period for the pricing of options pursuant to paragraphs 2, 4 and 5 a year and for the pricing of options pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 6 three years; pursuant to paragraph 3, no minimum commitment period applies to the pricing of options. The membership can be terminated at the earliest to the expiration of the minimum commitment period pursuant to sentence 1, but not before the expiry of the minimum commitment period according to article 175, paragraph 4, sentence 1. 175, paragraph 4, sentence 5 applies except for members in dial rates referred to in paragraph 6 “special right of termination the GKV Financing Act contains also a change in the special right of termination.

Members have a right of termination despite the GKV minimum period of 18 months when the health insurance for the first time raises an additional contribution or a health insurance company increases their additional contribution. So far members but the special right of termination lost when they were still in the period of election fare. Since the 2.1.2011 applies the following change: the special right of termination shall also apply, if there are still periods due to a tariff of choice. Exception: Members with an election rate Krankengeld-stay exempted from the special right of termination (cf. 53 paragraph 8 sentence 2 SGB V N.f..). Article 53 ABS 8 Pack 2 SGB V N.f.. 175, paragraph 4, sentence 5 applies except members in dial rates according to paragraph 6 ” 175, paragraph 4, sentence 5 collects an additional contribution the Fund from 1 January 2009, increases their additional contribution or reducing your premium payment, the membership can be terminated by way of derogation from sentence to the initial due date the post survey, the increase in premium or premium reduction.

“A withdrawal from the statutory health insurance with existing tariff of choice is possible, status change if there is a change of status. A status change occurs when an employee 01 01 2011, insured voluntarily since this in 2010 and expected 2011 exceeds the year work remuneration. The insurance will be void gem. 6 para 1 No. 1 SGB V. If you pull a shift in the private health insurance into consideration and are currently in a statutory health insurance choice plan insured, check which dial plan it is (on the basis of your GKV contract documents or by asking at your statutory health insurance information, which the in) Is 53 SGB V referred to pricing options contract). A change in the car may be possible for insured persons in dial rates even before the end of the minimum period.

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