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May 13th, 2018

New software helps validate and improve gender-neutral language. For many, it is a necessary evil a horror, for others, the rest rather amused himself: the gender-neutral rewording of our language. Especially politics, administrations, universities have to suffer from the need to formulate often gender equitable. One of the main problems is that the boundaries are not clearly defined. Where starts gender neutrality, where does it end? Must you write now pedestrian – and pedestrian zone? Or even upper citizens and citizen master? It is also problematic that there are no single solutions. So the an instead of students can a University that neutral students’ use, anywhere else, however, writes students”while elsewhere in turn by students or students speaks. “Each administration, any agency, or University has plenty of room in the implementation of a Gender fair language”, explains Dr.

Anikar Haseloff, Managing Director of the Institute for intelligibility, that has developed the software testing. This is on the one hand of course positive, but also a source for a wide variety of manipulations even within a single administration. Target but should always be, that a management is also always the same with language.” More efficient to be able to tackle automatic examination on violations to the issues related to this topic, the linguist of the Institute have developed a software-based test for intelligibility. This gender module of software TextLab checks automatically on possible violations of a gender fair language texts and supplies also equal more hints what to look at these places and how these places so can be rewritten, that they are considered gender fair. The software detects when it is said, for example, in the context of a University only by students. The relevant passage is then marked, and the editor receives the note here also to call the female form or to use students equal to the neutral word”, takes Oliver Haug, second Director of the Institute. Which ultimately uses the management, can be decided individually, this also takes into account the new module”.

Because a user can teach the software, which control want to apply it in the future. So, then getting the right replacement is proposed to the user. Enterprises and administrations can continuously develop the test and steadily that suit their own needs, because the language is so unique as the company and also evolved. The function has been developed jointly with the Ministry of the Interior of Baden-Wurttemberg and the city of Wiesbaden, which involved both great detail with this problem. This valuable experience and practice-proven solutions could be included from the outset with the development. Is also actively working on the further development University of Hohenheim, where this topic is also on the agenda. Through this network of practitioners and scholars, the function should be further developed and ultimately are a broad group of users available. H & H communication lab GmbH the H & H communication lab GmbH is an Institute for intelligibility. The company was founded in 2006 with headquarters in Ulm, Germany. The Institute focuses on the areas of clarity research and language analysis. With the software TextLab, the Institute has developed a versatile tool for editors, and companies with which the language can be controlled effectively.

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