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October 7th, 2023

Faster than expected, Google translates its strategy to implement local and personalized results live. In addition to determining the location of the seeker, which has played a role in the past, Google relies on the use of the seeker. He can now enter a zip code for the search results. When searching for the term “Pizza”, a corresponding input mask will appear. This input mask will also appear in the Google account is logged in and has entered a zip code in his account data. Finally, it is well possible that you are looking for results for a different zip code during the current search.

Thomas Kaiser, Managing Director of cyberpromote believes that the regional search results are influenced by the personalized search. “Only the searchers on the ground can best assess the results and assess, and this knowledge is incorporated into the search results of other seeker certainly at some point. However, we do not believe that this will affect the global results. Moreover, this remains limited on items with a strong regional focus such as “Pizza”, “Hotel” or “Barber”. However, must above all companies with a strong regional offer on changes is set.

The results are enriched results currently only through the insertion of Google maps. So far, no differences in results between Hamburg and Munich are to see. The software “GInspector” by cyberpromote will enable a quick comparison of the results of different regions in version 2.0, which will be released in the near future. A similar input mask appears when searching “Cinema”, “Showtimes” or similar terms. The results, which represent the current range of the surrounding cinemas in compact form are interesting. It is clear that providers such as “Yellow pages” of increased competition from Google faced. Here must show who has the better ideas. Cyberpromote: Cyberpromote is a leading provider of solutions in the field of search engine marketing and search engine optimisation since 1997. In addition to cyberpromote offers performance-based services and software products for these segments. So, the software “Search machine glasses” views on Internet sites from the perspective of search engines ( More information about cyberpromote, see press / unternehmensportrait.htm contact: cyberpromote GmbH Liebig Street 1 85301 Schweitenkirchen email: presse(at)cyberpromote.


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