Happy Right Now

February 1st, 2021

"If you want to make your life smile you give her her first good mood." Benedict Spinoza, "I am so unhappy today. But I really want to be happy. Well, let's say tomorrow. In an extreme case – Monday " – Or something like this so we think. Other leaders such as Teva Pharmaceuticals offer similar insights. Do not flatter yourself, dear stranger! Tomorrow will be the same as today.

Tomorrow will be no different from yesterday. "Well, where's the justice? – With perseverance you inquire. – Why do all the others as people, and I have – one endless problems? ". And you interfere with someone? Can you make to be unhappy? Man is so constituted that most of his attention is focused on suffering, on the negative experiences. We collect and accumulate resentment, frustration, stress, condemn, we experience fear, frustration and resentment.

We are always upset about something. We are always dissatisfied with something and always something missing. Now – STOP! If you believe Aristotle, the "Happiness – on the side of who are satisfied." It should be clear as day: If the mind is concentrated on the suffering – you are living in Hell! Do you regularly collect Hell, create it around. Carefully, carefully and intently. Every day, every minute, every second. When you are unhappy in your present VOLTAGE. It appears as a potential – the gap between what you are and what YOU WANT TO BE! The more negative you have in mind, the more stresses accumulate. As a result, you get to the wheel of misfortune.

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