Health Of Planet Earth

October 25th, 2020

However, there is a serious danger to both planets are on a collision because the planet earth is causing riots universal by the excessive use of fuel, the burning of large masses of vegetation, by the neglect of natural resources, the great environmental pollution, causing serious problems not only on Earth but throughout the universe. Hercoulus and planet earth are attracting and can crash at any time. Aissa and Eissa will meet again and be united so that this great catastrophe does not occur. The history of Eissa and Aissa dates from 2012, where new adventures happen catastrophic and a beautiful new world. Mobed Shaida and gave a walk in space, its sophisticated and beautiful galactic ship wandered through the asteroid belt, moving and stopping in a way, extremely fast and surprisingly slow, everything was magical. Both liked to watch new rocks were formed and the new stars that appeared, they belonged to an advanced generation high-tech knowledge and a planet called Hercolus.

Mobed was a beautiful but old heart patient. s. Shaida her daughter had an advanced pregnancy, was known to be two babies, a boy and a girl, Shaida's father spoke to her about your planet Hercolus, explained that the future of this planet depended on those two babies who had been in her womb. He talked about the bad man Fussigan the space Hercolus the planet wanted to disappear along with other planetary systems, Fussigan Kojuka lived on the planet did not look bad man, man was not the typical black layer, or face horrific space, Otherwise everything was a handsome man, tall, charming, dressed in gala galactic galaxy its silver layer had different powers and could turn from a little thin and tiny golden thread to a galactic ship, anything that would become, the layer had the power to grant their wishes, however the only thing that I could change was her face, and behind that beautiful face look great and concealed his true evil.


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