High Heels

March 16th, 2013

Some people always complain about their own feet, not only because of buying a right pair of christian louboutin high heels online shoe extremely hard, but ASO because of the hurt caused by walking too much, they often find that root cheap christian louboutin high heels shoes of their big toe is longer than others in comparison, it looks bad, and the pain is caused by that. This is Hallux Valgus hao we call that in our life, it is also called JiaoGuGuai by the people in Beijing.According to christian louboutin high heels online the research data of Europe and America many scholars, it shows: Hallux Valgus cheap christian louboutin high heels shoes have an obvious relationship with inherit. There are 63 percent and 68 percent of Hallux Valgus. Patients have family inherit history according to joint surg described in 1951 and 1980 which is abroad, this shows the factor fashion high heels shoes of inherit is stable.there also has similar reports by internal, and it is the main of maternal high heels store inheritance. Obviously, if the parents have Hallux Valgus, their children should be prevented early.

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