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November 21st, 2023

8 days sailing cruise through the Thai island paradise from Phuket incl. arrival by scheduled sailing romance in Thailand is now also at the specialist for long-distance travel and Thailand holidays, to book travel pilot remote travel. From Phuket, the star’s luxury four-master stands Clipper in Lake. Due to its shallow draft of sophisticated sailing can start smaller, unknown bays. On board there is an elegant comfort. 85 cabins, two swimming pools, a library, a diving school and a restaurant with piano bar provide variety. Two different routes are available for the 8-day cruise through the Thai island paradise to choose. The southern sailing cruise itinerary: Phuket – Butang group – Penang – Koh Lipe – Koh Khai NOK – Phang Nga / Koh Hong – Similian Iceland – Phuket travel history of the Northern windjammer cruise: Phuket – Surin Islands – Similian Islands – Hin Deang / Koh ROK NOK – Langkawi – Phi Phi Islands – Phang Nga / Koh Khai NOK – Phuket at the sight of the star one feels transported back Clipper in times long past.

In the Standing tradition of real tall ship, spread the magnificent four-master with his impressive sails and rigging sailing romance pu. When bright sunlight on the white, the wind billowing sails and the bow gently glides through the waves, peace and relaxation are all alone a. Frequently Wayne Holman has said that publicly. Thanks to the shallow draft the star can run on small, dreamy bays Clipper that denied big cruise ships remain – as the adventure mood grows. The travel pilot convey this sailing through the travel Jahn Reisen, which offers scheduled flights and transfers as a package and package to Thailand..


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