September 30th, 2017

Acquisition suburban area – the event is very important to humans. Even yesterday, the newly-born landowner had no idea what the sanitary felling, drainage, planting season, soil fertility. All snowy, frosty winter you warmed the dream of his own garden. Dr. stuart mcgill wanted to know more. Spring has come – a long-awaited, with running streams, buds swell. Spring – the best time for planting. If landscape planning in the initial stage, we can still mark the tracks, select a location for the gazebo, pond, flower beds and do not forget about the rock garden. Choosing plants for your garden, you need to know that few are able to adapt to unfamiliar conditions.

For example, light-loving culture with a lack of sunlight lose their decorative properties. Moisture-loving plants do not outsource the dry summer, and culture, prefer acidic soil, will die there, where he regularly performed liming. Landscaping area – one of the most important types of work. The foundation of any landscape composition is lawns. The word "lawn", which came to us from France, denotes the turf. Healthy, juicy and silky grass carpet pleases the eye, improves the mood. Lawns are a major background for the tree and shrub plantings can reduce the dust content area and create a favorable humidity.

Lawn grasses, most suited to the climatic conditions of our country – it's red fescue – the semi-shade among turf grasses, and Kentucky bluegrass – the most resistant and at the same time, the frost form. Recently in vogue include lawns meadow and Moorish with the addition of brightly flowering plants. Such coatings more closely resemble the wild and lush flowering lawn. Flower gardens are one of the most expressive means of landscape design, they act the role of the "flavor", give the charm of a garden site. Making flowerbeds is costly work and imagination. Flower gardens are usually created from perennial plants of various shapes, sizes, colors. In this case, use petunias, salvia, daylilies, phlox, geraniums, . These plants are quite hardy and undemanding in terms of central Russia. In the spring of very good look at the flowerbeds bulbous plants. Especially, they are indispensable in small gardens. Well feel flowering bulbous plants and under deciduous trees and shrubs, as ottsvesti have time before they will be covered with foliage. On a bed, they look impressive next to pansies, primroses and daisies. Care for flower beds is simple enough. The first thing to regularly water the flowers, to destroy weeds and to make fertilizer. Flower beds may take various forms – from simple geometric (circle, triangle, square) to the complex. For the landscaping of your garden plot should not be planted so many trees and shrubs. For example, the walkway may consist of three or four species of tree: linden, birch and maple. Of shrubs suitable currant bushes, lilacs, jasmine. Trees and shrubs should be placed so that they shaded each other, and should take into account the density of plantings. Typically, trees are planted on perimeter of the site or in groups. Shrubs are used to create hedges, to emphasize the boundaries of the site and its separation into zones. It is not necessary to bypass their attention creepers. They allow zadekorirovat leaves the walls of buildings and garden structures. To do this most commonly used grape girl, Amur grape, hops, honeysuckle Honeysuckle. Use the best available or household area and place the stands so that the garden of delight you at any time of year.


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