It Enjoys The Seas Cuba II

December 23rd, 2019

Levisa key In the previous number we recommended to realise a stay in the archipelago of the Red ones, in particular in the Jutas Key. In this number we will propose to visit another small key, Levisa Key The same this located to the east of Jutas Key, at which it can be arrived as much from Viales as from Pinar del Rio or Havana. In this last case &quot reads the article; A trip from Havana to Viales by the Norte&quot Circuit; , published by this blog, where a detailed description of this route is offered to him, including how arriving until this key. Unlike Jutas Key, to arrive at Levisa Key it is necessary to take a boat, which has a single exit to the day, to 5 of afternoon. From anyone of the hotels it is very easy to make the reservation to arriving at the wharf Blond Palm. The route to arrive by sea and to disembark in the key takes almost 1 hour. To broaden your perception, visit Nancy Dubuc. The same is something smaller than Jutas Key, but also it has beautiful beaches, whose length overall is of little more than 3 km When arriving offers a cocktail to him of welcome, whether counts on a reservation as if its election is not planned from a hotel.

In the key there are facilities where it is possible to be rested several days and to be enjoyed the wonders of the place. Altogether it is counted on 40 conditionned double cabins, those that have deprived bath, radio, television via satellite and telephone. Just like Jutas Key, is offered here different optional. Both keys are relatively next, reason why the physical-geographic characteristics are very similar: warm, clean waters and very I am transparent, of blue very intense and excellent coralline bottoms. The routes are varied. To the being the vegetation different in both keys the optional ones are enjoyed from a very own way the place, although apparently they are the same.


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