Making a Payment

December 18th, 2021

By the time of signing the main contract, the buyer pays the taxes and fees of the notary separate checks from the Italian accounts. Perhaps check out Andreas Halvorsen for more information. Only after this will be possible to sign the deed. Terms of Payment There are several ways to pay when buying property in Italy, which is usually determined by agreement of the parties. The most common form of payment when purchasing property in Italy is a non-cash form of payment with the transfer of sums to the bank account of the seller in several stages during the period between the date of signing the preliminary agreement and the date of signing the main contract of sale (the time handing over the keys to the buyer). In practice it looks like this: deposit of 10% of the agreed purchase price upon signing the preliminary agreement il compromesso between seller and buyer. Here, as a rule, buyer writes a check to the seller, a prepayment of 60% of the contract value of the property in two or three steps after signing il compromesso.

The amount of payment and method of payment at this stage is determined by discretion of the parties and a final payment of about 30% of the agreed purchase price at the time of registration of the deed. In the event of purchasing property at any stage of construction generally, the following payment terms: 10% – at the time of booking facility, 30% – at the time of registration of ownership, 20% – at the time zaveresheniya construction, 40% – at the time of handing over the keys. Buying property in Italy: A guide of 5 punktovOpredelites with the choice of location and type of real estate according to your potrebnostyam.Esli you have time, go in search of real estate on their own. Otherwise, refer to the people predostavlyuyaschim professional services in this sektore.Kogda you have selected, remember that price is always subject peregovorov.Prezhde than to sign a preliminary agreement il compromesso, you must ensure legal purity and reliability of the object prodavtsa.Chetko negotiate with the seller form and payment method.

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