Managing Director Thomas Koller

May 13th, 2018

Now can I say from experience that CIRO is indeed unique in the sector of affordable luxury jewelry. Such a high quality commitment to naturally for best performance.” Santos accompanied CIRO now for one and a half years for each collection. Their creations are the heart of every new CIRO jewelry piece. The new: Trends in the coming autumn so persistently elegant pieces of jewelry by CIRO also are so much the Designhaus remains still on the search for new impulses and enduring seasonal fashions. “” CIRO now provides this fall under the topic roof of squeaky luxury “and ornaments from nature”. In the Athena collection soft, opulent animal motifs (by, among others, the Tiger eye standing for wisdom) and warm, smooth brown tones complement the sense of season sounding off”, determined by an earthy leaves and fluffy feathers.

The accessories are characterised by their special suitability for everyday use and perfect fit for cargo pants, riding outfits, or velvety nature cardigans. CIRO sets the counter point “with his pointed cabochons, where alone the beauty of stones” the focal point and provides a rich colour palette forever new glitter. Special feature: CIRO bead and CIROLIT is the core of the success story of CIRO natural origin: more precisely, it is a the so-called CIRO a Pearl, a lavishly produced gem with real Oyster core and an unmistakable gloss. In contrast to the usual in the fashion jewelry-making beads, their lighting stems only from their painting, consists of high-quality Muschelmasse the CIRO real Pearl and ensures the stability of tradition jewelry piece for many years. A zircon, which stands out from conventional Crystal stones by its hardness and resulting diversity and color depth is another distinctive element of each row of CIRO the radiant CIROLIT. The House: success story and updates of CIRO is an Austrian designer jewellery company headquartered in Vienna, currently around 15 employees. As a manufacturer of high-quality Designschmucks with stunning variety and countless combinations opts for CIRO has always been fashion jewelry with Goldsmith quality”, which lasts for generations thanks to full casting and exquisite materials. The traditional house in 1917, when it presented the first Pearl of the world laid the foundation stone for the success story of your own.

From then on was the terrain of the sustainable Designschmucks”followed and at the same time promote the centuries-old tradition of the Goldsmith’s art in the domestic jewelry segment. Today, CIRO works with modern 3D modeling, where the artistic designs on the computer to three-dimensional models are elaborated and then translated into resin positive by a 3D printer, before these are then cast as before hundreds of years using an old Goldsmith procedure. Besides his two Viennese branches on the Karntner Strasse shopping street and more recently in the Centre of the Danube CIRO also has flagship stores in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Innsbruck. The company is headed by Managing Director Elisabeth Koller Gallen and Managing Director Thomas Koller. Cut of the CIRO collections you can download under:… Contact Susanne Knoll, sky high PR T: 0650 400 1495, E:

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