Marilyn Ferguson

November 26th, 2012

The technique of my parents is the opportunity and the universal, to solve the learning problem to solve, is to apply imagination and logic at every step, marked by a constant, in some cases by the simple pride of success and other the particular need. This is shaping creative action figure, gives a color to the canvas, one being, becomes creative and creativity is learning. In the House got patterns method and procedure, first to avoid resistance to change and then repeat the habit gradually wanted to learn, these two conditions coupled with the group setting, analysis, therapy, to facilitate a global power in every meeting I had the opportunity to learn not only for listening, but by bringing skills in other areas of life I would have been impossible. Then again, the enabling environment was and is the timing. My research Pragmagic roll from Marilyn Ferguson TASS U.S.

system, each technique uses the suggestion, in some cases explicitly in others no trace of it. What lies suggestion for individuals who participate in the learning reflected in your mind what you heard?, Is especially the spirit of the facilitator, it is his word and act, which must be imbued by the magic of knowledge, when then produce the opening and the exchange or feedback loop between participant and facilitator. It is during this, where the topic taught as a colorful history and the individual participates in it, which produces the memory and the memory in learning. There is also a suggestion in self learning, and many times we say that this or that issue is difficult for us, we are suggestions that we can not learn.


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