Marlene Dietrich

December 18th, 2011

Who could be entertained, that it goes on the heels of the police, just because he wears pants? Who would be on the eve of World War II in the open scorn of Hitler, while the latter offered the lead in Germany? Who loved Erich Maria Remarque? Who was admired by Ernest Hemingway, Jean Cocteau, Orsen Wells, Alfred Hitchcock, Joseph von Shterngerg? Maria von Losch. Ravished Puma. Well, of course. This is it. Marlene Dietrich. This we all know it elegant, refined, a symbol of the twentieth century it was made director Josef von Shterngerg. It was he who ordered her to lose weight, two molars removed to emphasize the cheekbones, that he has done with her "Blue Angel".

And though, after years, Dietrich will be annoyed, because all around, and ask only about the movie, and yet it was he who brought her to Hollywood Hills, with whom she admired all over the world. Such a fate not only of Marlene, for example, the Ingrid Bergman, despite the huge heritage in the film world, everyone will be interested only in "Casablanca." Marlene was able to look the same and sexy in gowns and men's suits. She dictated fashion. She loved the things they meet her in return. Marlene was a hero. She loved the soldiers.

Refusing to Hitler, she hid on the other side of the ocean, she openly went against the hated regime. It would seem that the actress, what the hell to go into one of the most great slaughter in the world? Marlene says: "I am waiting for my duty. I chose it on their own. " Their participation in the war, like much else she wrote in her book "Reflections." It is amazing sometimes watch as God pour Some people, Marlene Dietrich was no doubt in his pets. For it was not just a beautiful, strong, talented, she was extremely intelligent woman. Let us remember her most famous phrases: Always look vverhSochuvstvie to yourself – something forbidden, and should not burden others with their troubles. The inevitable must be taken with dignity. You need to have a great imagination to fear smerti.Kto was not at war, has no right to talk about it. Keep your mouth shut if you can not offer something in return for what you do not like. I started smoking during the war. This has kept my health. A truly good wife does not need a dramatization of life. Happiness, at the end all, comes to town due to userdnym.Lyubov feelings that it had suffered, and not his own. Maria von Losch died in 1992 at the age of 90 years, according to her close friend Ball, Marlene took an overdose of sleeping pills.

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