Mars Blood

May 1st, 2011

Since the spring equinox begins a new astrological and astronomical year. Aries – the first sign that starts solar zodiacal cycle, so lush springtime activity of natural influences, particularly turn on the people born under the sign of Aries, or have a strong Mars in the horoscope, which is a planet-ruler of Aries. This symbol has the astral communication and projected the aura of the head, so he has a strong impact on the hemisphere of the brain, scalp, on the skull and face (except jaw). The energy of Aries is also a significant effect on cerebral blood flow, the state of the shells and the cerebral cortex, the upper section lungs and bronchi. Therefore, most people under the influence of a strong but disharmonious energies of this sign – "hot heads" in both forward and in a figurative sense, are prone to impulsive, risky, reckless action. Aries often have scars, birthmarks, marks on his face and head, suffering an early loss of hair and skin diseases of the head as their patron Mars – the god of war and action, causing destruction and waste. Aries energy affects the state of the eyes, teeth, gums, mucous membranes and sinuses (maxillary cavity and nasal cavity) of the head, as well as the adrenal gland, solar plexus, the epigastric region and partly on the reproductive organs and their function. This sign and its ruler Mars has a very strong effect on the digestive function, particularly in the digestive secretion and digestion, the blood, blood, and the number of red blood cells.

They also responsible for the amount of dynamic energy, the formation of epinephrine and a significant effect on motor nerves and muscles, organs of excretion, affecting mainly to the impulsive nature of man. Their energy allow the body to exhibit different physiological functions: the immune system, removing toxins and mucus, temperature regulation, blood oxygen exchange. Moreover, the dynamic energy of Aries and Mars are responsible for the distribution microelements, especially iron, which influences the processes of respiration. Harmonious energy of Aries and Mars generate unusual states of consciousness – enlightenment and creativity, which enables a person to rush into the future, build ambitious plans ahead of its time. These energies contribute to the generation of ideas, unusual intellectual achievement of the states, as well as enhance the creative and sexual potential of a person, give opportunity to achieve high results and focus on continuous development and self-assertion.

Quite often in the nature of Aries inherent instinctive desire to be first, unique, unique. Aries choose a very difficult problem for self-realization and manifestation of its hidden features, demonstrating courage, confidence and steadfastness in the most risky situations. In this case, they are peculiar readiness protect the weak, the generosity and breadth of nature. Aries are usually quite hardy people capable of performing a civic duty, and often have high creativity and abilities, aimed at transformation of matter. Highly organized Aries are able to foresee the future, have the gift of prophecy and fairly strong intuition, which can be used in practice.


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