Medication Alternatives

May 8th, 2013

The roots of the axe Yoga go back to Vedic and prevedico period. It is closely related to the Tantric tradition and is based on the theory that currents of prana flow with a particular modality in our body, and determine the estado in which we feel, we think or act. Currents of prana flow through determinados channels called nadis, forming plexus at different regions called padmas or chakras. All inappropriate operation of the body and mind are considered that it is due to the perturbacion in the passage of prana flows through one or more of these channels. Thus, mental disturbance have a physical basis in the body as a unit and all physical disorder has its basis in the mind.

The perturbaciones happen, then, as a result of an abnormality in the nadis. Hatha Yoga deals with this problem by opening the natural passage of these nadis so the current pranic flow is released and then direct them and adjust to produce a proper cambio in its operation. After obtaining the purification of the nadis, indicated how direct the pranic currents through private channels and fix prana at specific points, Hatha Yoga seems to be mainly connected with the establishment of a dynamic equilibrium and the facilitation of the passage of the current pranic. This equilibrium is established through a long process that builds the practice of purifying processes called kriyas sat. Muscle tone is balanced through positions with certain characteristics and the visceral direitmias are corrected through several pranayama and mudras. Becoming is more common in our society to resort to so-called alternative medicines, either in search of additional aid to traditional medicine or as substitutes of the latter, when we have not found a solution in the same. The first thing I would say is that I am in favour of making anyone do what considers appropriate with your health, which follow the treatments that create necessary or appropriate. If someone is cured meditating, congratulations.

I think the power of the brain is, on many occasions, more than medication. Having said that, I would like to concentrate on a specific point; the business of alternative medicines. If someone tells you that it will heal yourself by putting his hands on you, you think you and he heals you, Super. It is an agreement between two people in which you not prejudiced to a third, and that may work to the sick. The problem comes when the business advertises announcing that certain product cures a disease without scientific evidence that support it and, on many occasions, with evidence showing that that product or that therapy does not work. When I say that they do not work, I mean that the direct cause of healing is not the application of therapy or consumption of the particular product. It is possible for someone with an illness that medicine has not been able to cure until now, taking a homeopathic remedy and finish healing. But that does not demonstrate that healing is a direct consequence of the consumption of that natural remedies. That same rule of three, we could saying that praying is a remedy for certain diseases, because there are many cases of people who prayed to ask for healing and ended up making it safe. This mean that what cured them was a God who attended prayers? Well, it is possible, any hypothesis has some probability of being true, but positions to bet, I would say that not.

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