October 26th, 2020

Time knows where we are but we don’t know where is the time. If you see it already is It has gone. If you realize that you see it that it is the only way aware of see – it has already escaped us. Why we can not stop time, because the nature of time is its continuous movement, its impermanence. Streaming of Heraclitus which spoke to us. And that also Buddha told us. There are a few verses of the Spanish poet Jose angel Valente that we say a lot in this regard: when nothing, is not us / vacuum not be / might be after all useless and perfect.

Meditation is rid of the ballast of the self. Make us more light, more simple, more fundamental. The knot that has been acquiring an intricate complexity throughout our life we will us unleashing progressively. In the verses of Valens we see that after nothing appears vacuum. When nothing is already left us, vacuum not be doing a Buddhist interpretation would say that it is I that nothing is left, a self freed from the burden of ego or identification with the shape and image of Yes – same. It is not nothing and occurs el-vacio – the-not-stay. A useless and perfect vacuum.

We understand useful as something that serves to something that has a utilitarian function. In meditation the useful is because it is not pursued an end in itself. Therefore, this vacuum is perfect in itself. Without purpose, without function for something, simply perfect by itself. A State of meditative Bliss (samadhi), without time or space, without name or form, without cause or effect. Free, useless and perfect. Let’s look at the first verse cited in this text: silence is prayer. The first thing that draws attention is this antithetical equivalence between silence and prayer. As we have seen, prayer is always a verbal Act and here we are told otherwise, that prayer is silence. It is clear metaphor, which us approaches to the understanding of the silence as the most sublime meditative state, as true prayer. In this sense, is in the silence where connect with the spiritual, transcendent, which we did not experience in our ordinary, everyday State. In silence we connect first – with us, look us against a mirror clean and stable. In that stability or stillness, everything is seen as it is, because the mental attention is clutched to his vacuity and space be filled with silence there in that ocean of peace-the reality of identity or, rather, its illusion-understanding that unweave the mental of the ego and the time threads, and penetrated, with the silence, in the luminous door of eternity.

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