Mental Health

September 17th, 2012

They work with the regimen of permanence day (PD), where the citizen can go a vezpor week, of second a friday, or in alternating days. Diversasatividades is developed, with the intention of assisting in the treatment dospacientes in occasions, where the conviviality with others can be engaged for umperodo of time. Activities are offered as: oficinasde therapeutic occupational, meetings with other users of service PD, feeding, bath, medication, amongst others. In the CERSAM it does not have internment, works-seem ambulatorial regimen, where the patient is if stabilizing, but still nopode to be directed to give continuity in its treatment in the health rank. The most important in this modality of service given substitute it is the type proportionate deatendimento to the patient, who objective the reduction of sofrimentoe, over all, the reinsero to the social conviviality, rescuing its citizenship etornando it an emancipated citizen.

Fernanda, to the questioned being respeitodas laws that conduct the work inside of the institution, it cited the code of ticados professional of the CERSAM and the laws of the SUS. Amongst the mentioned laws pelaentrevistada, is the laws that conduct the work in Mental Health, that they deal with daatuao the professional, how much to the destination of the resources received from the city, to destine the investments in the area of the health. In what it refers to the treatment oferecidopelos hospitals, Fernanda was demonstrated against, therefore, no matter how hard if it says emhumanizao of the psychiatric services, it has a regimen of exclusion to the patient, mainly in the subjective dimension. The system also exists of spends the night, paraos cases where the agitated patient being very, without conditions to sleep emcasa, can spend the night in the CERSAM. For the most important Fernanda it is to hear opaciente, leaves it to verbalizar on its suffering. ' ' The intervention form varies of case for caso' ' , it completed aentrevistada. An activity that called the visiting attention dogrupo had been the lessons given to the patients half-illiterates and aosanalfabetos. One servi


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