October 26th, 2020

Milan – the capital of Lombardy, the economic center of Italy, the world's fashion center. According to one version, Milan was founded by Celtic tribes who settled here in VII. BC The Romans conquered in 222 BC and named the city Mediolanum, which means "In the middle of the plain." Prior to the XI century. City attacked the barbarian tribes, which led to his demise, later forming a commune, quickly regained its influence. Formed an alliance with the Lombard cities, jealous richness and significance of Milan, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa besieged and destroyed Milan in the 1162 City and his allies formed the Lombard League and fought back. From the middle of the XIII century. city at a time ran a few noble families. From the XV century.

ruled the Spaniards, after, according to the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 – Austria. Napoleon made Milan the capital of the republic Tsezalpinskoy in 1797, but five years later – the whole of the Italian Republic, crowned King of Italy and Milan in 1805, the Austrians again occupied the city in 1814 and remained here until 1859, when it released the troops of Victor Emmanuel II and Napoleon III, and attached to the Italian kingdom. 'Last of the prose capitals, the first of the poetic '- so wrote about Milan English poet Henry James, as we easily see yourself walking through the streets of Milan, bearing in itself a reflection of Northern Europe. Here, Leonardo painted "The Last Supper ' were discovered first opera 'La Scala', built a grand, spectacular beauty in the Gothic cathedral, uncharacteristic for Italian style. One of the first passage – shopping centers, too, was built in Milan and is still is also a kind of 'club dandies', because a stone's throw away – Monte Napoleone street, attracts shopping around the world. In local boutiques – Armani, Moschino, Valentino, bloom, Versace, Bruno Magli, Salvatore Ferrogamo – all Italian fashion houses twice a year, presenting their collections.

In the Duomo to mass can come to 40 thousand believers. The cathedral is decorated with marble statues in 2245, but did not find it carved columns, steeples, gazebo. Shake their beauty and attractiveness stained Duomo. With a panoramic area on the roof of the cathedral offers a magnificent view of the outskirts of Milan. Sforza Castle, nicknamed the Nest is the despot of the XV century fortress, the remaining external unchanged, but now has become a museum. Gallery Renaissance sculptures decorated even unfinished, but the full tragedy of the sculpture of Michelangelo 'Lament'. Another attraction in Milan – Church Sant Ambrogio. Its built in IV century, first Bishop of Milan Ambrose, the reformer of church service, later sainted. In the Pinakothek Brera posted one of the finest collections of paintings XV-XVIII centuries: Raphael, Caravaggio, Mantegna, Piero della Francesca, etc. Extremely attractive to professionals and not just the famous Milanese 'Fiera' – an annual impressions industry achievements in Milan – from cars and furniture to fashion and interiors. After all, even though Paris is the center of fashion, it is all done in the north of Italy in Milan. Source: Private Tours in Italy

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