January 16th, 2013

In the present study, similar situation was verified, with bigger mortality in young adult it enters the sick people of tuberculosis with AIDS as basic cause and of the bands above of 50 years when the tuberculosis was the basic cause. (OLIVEIRA et al, 2004) In Brazil, as the etria band, the co-infection tuberculosis – HIV can even arrive around 25%. Which are the signals and symptoms? Persistent cough that can be associated to the production of escarro; It can have blood in escarro or cough with pure blood; Vespertine fever; Dispnia; Extreme sweat at night; Loss of weight; Loss of the appetite; Weakness. Diagnosis the presumptive diagnosis is made based in the signals and symptoms told for the patient, associates to a x-ray of the thorax that shows compatible alterations with pulmonary tuberculosis. The physical examination can be of little aid for the doctor. Already the certainty diagnosis is made through the secretion collection of the lung. Escarro (catarro) can be collected (of preference, per the morning) when tossir.

Two samples harvested in consecutive days must be evaluated, initially. They can be necessary samples you add for attainment of the diagnosis. Finding the Mycobacterium tuberculosis the illness is confirmed. A good sample of escarro is the one that comes from the brnquica tree, after gotten cough effort, and not the one that if it gets of faringe or for nasal secretion aspiration, nor neither the one that will only count saliva. The ideal volume this understood entre5 a10 ml. Another used test is the test of Mantoux, that can assist in the diagnosis of the illness. It is made injecting itself tuberculina (an extracted substance of the bacterium) underneath of the skin. In Brazil the used tuberculina is PPD RT23, applied for saw intradrmica in tero average of the previous face of antebrao left, in the dose of 0,1 ml, equivalent 2UT (unit of tuberculina).


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