Myths About Diets

December 5th, 2011

1. Fat is bad! Let's start with the fact that fat fat hatred:) For lard and vegetable oil (sunflower, corn) oil is a solid fat, but with some differences, ranging from the production, finishing with useful features. Even the rich in vitamins salad will not bring the expected benefits without 'spoon fat'. Because without it, absorbed only 10-th of the nutrients and vitamins! 2. Carbohydrates, yes! Fat no! Again, more carbohydrates will make your a figure similar to the clouds than on fat. 3.

Only 1.2% fat! Buying a low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese and other products you're looking only at the caloric content and happy about that cup of yogurt you get only 100 calories. In these cases, it is worth considering that manufacturers of such products so as not to progaret in fat-free products are added a number of substances (fragrances, dyes, etc.), the harm of which are much greater than the benefits of such 'light' products. Removing fat from products, they lose their flavor, which is replenished by various additives. 4. There are often, but a little bit! Argued that if there is frequent but smaller meals then you will accelerate your metabolism and you will lose weight without trimming your ration. Maybe there is a grain of truth, but many people fail is that the less frequent 'small' snacks daily instead of 1500 calories a person receives 2,000-2,500 calories.

5. Sports. No sport can certainly lose weight, but is immediately but a few! – If you will throw the weight through diet, it will be long without a sport does not hold. – If you lose weight without exercising then your skin will hang, you should remember that the muscles need to keep on our toes. After all, if you weigh 70, 50 kg kg, while the skin will sag to 10 cm, you will become even more uncomfortable feel, and consider the case of sudden weight loss without exercising rather sagging skin can be removed only by surgery. 6. Diet. With him is diet. Deciding to go on a diet you arrange yourself 'dinner party', and eat as much as in a nightmare not dream. And the next morning you torturing your stomach can not digest food vcherashyuyu apples and yogurt. In the end, after a week of this torture you lose one, and then 3 kg, and funny in that he was leaving the water, not fat. Long live the hungry swoon! 7. Environment. If you surround yourself with all sorts of sweets, convenience foods, fried foods if you can lose weight? – Hardly. Postavte a goal to eat only healthy food on a little bit of a diet excluding confectionery, prepared food, sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.)

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