National Advice

June 13th, 2012

The parents daily try to compensate its absence with mimos material, in a species of affective trick with that they aplacam its feeling of latent guilt. When the family stimulates or ignores the consumerism of the children, them can become adults who do not obtain to be opposed. This can generate a great problem, because when the child grows, the scale of desires increases. It changeds itself into an adolescent who finds completely that everything can, without limits. The companies argue that although to make marketing directly for the children, is the parents who decide what to buy. The reality, however, is that the marketing directed toward children absurdly makes it difficult for the parents of children and adolescents to convince them and to educate them to have it healthful habits and values.

It is not treated to defend the child of the consumption or the attraction for the improper messages, inadequate that many half advertising executives place. He treats yourself to provide for the optimum child; of a not negative attitude to forbid that it is fact, but to make, to guide, to give pulso so that he is being formed a conscientious citizen there, capable to enxergar. E, in this direction, we imagine that all the society has an important paper. We cannot more leaving in them to delude that the propaganda is the soul of the business; that because everybody uses a mark of the t-shirt, of the tennis, this it has that to be made. CONAR the National Advice of Self-regulation Advertising executive – Conar is an organization of the established civil society in So Paulo, Brazil, in 1980 for the representative associations of the vehicle and advertiser, advertising agencies of communication (periodicals, magazines, radio and television and billboard; later, they had adhered the associations of TV for signature, Internet and cinema). The Conar has the attribution to establish and to apply the ethical norms of the advertising, which are made use in the Code Brazilian of Self-regulation Advertising executive, in order to prevent the propagation of announcements and campaigns of enganoso, offensive, abusive content or that they disrespect, among others, the concorrencial right.


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