New Year

January 15th, 2014

And since we do not want to accept it, we have aggression. Jordan – it is always aggressive. Not enough attention – we take it out of food, afraid of something – we take the protection of food, get angry at something or someone – we take peace from the food, etc. When once again there Jordan, ask yourself: “What am I now Replace a meal? “. I am inclined to think that understanding is all these things essentially tame your appetite. Well, if you will not be able to cope with an appetite, feel free to contact practicing psychologist, he will help you to deal with This problemoy.A you have any interesting cases from practice? I remember a case where the benefit of one of my clients went to envy.

Envy of the slender figure of his girlfriend. I always say, envy – and emulate to obtain the same itself. She opted for a figure. Aesthetically pleasing (what you see in the mirror) is greater than the pleasure of baking and lapshi.Kak also be happy, abundant presented at the New Year‘s table? At the table should not is, and try it. Be aware that you can get enough of that quantity of food, which will go into his hand.

During the day, which is to be a feast, eating 3-4 times, for 30 minutes before the “holiday tummy” drink a glass of water, and then eat one lays yabloko.Kogda love to those or other products? We all come from childhood, and as such there is no love for the product. There is some duplication of lifestyle and nutrition from our parents, as a rule of parent, with whom we are in resonance. If the mother is obese and lean father, then guess who the resonance daughter, if she does not suffer from an excess of vesa.Pochemu then an adult can radically change its taste biases? In adult life, the same scenario. Personally, I see you with my husband liked the peppers, but he simply can not digest them. Over time, I noticed that one kind of red pepper in my cause heartburn. This means that I have come into resonance with her husband. Think about who you are in resonance … And in the end. All we know about healthy foods, but I still choose a salad with mayonnaise instead of vegetable oil … How can I make myself eat a healthy diet? Force yourself to never have to. When you are forced to do something that you feel? It’s the same with our bodies. Prioritize what’s important to you and why you need it. In other words, well motivated in regarding the purpose of man is always achieve it.


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