January 31st, 2021

Your child has protruding ears? Want to save him from the attacks of peers? Do not tighten visit a plastic surgeon. Otoplasty – Ear correction by plastic surgery. This operation is shown people suffering from droopy ears and is a surgical procedure that affects the soft tissue and cartilaginous ear. Click Teva Pharmaceutical Industries to learn more. Carrying out such an operation is recommended in childhood or adolescence, because such a breach is often an inherent problem, which can cause psychological problems for the child. Indications for plastic surgery for correction of the ear: droopy ears broken Ear the absence of the pinna Contraindications for cancer and problems with the blood. Process operations: Before an operation, it is necessary for a complete examination, including tests done and to inform your doctor about all illnesses and allergies. Also before the operation, carefully check your blood sugar level and clotting time. Otoplasty in most cases done under local anesthesia.

Ear correction can seriously will vary depending on the problem. Of course, the choice of technique otoplasty is dependent on the doctor. He makes choices based on the survey, personal experiences and ideas about the aesthetics of the ear. Often, when troubleshooting droopy ears incision is made behind the ear. In this case the surgeon must cut the cartilage and remove the excess. In general, the operation lasts about an hour. At the end of the operation is applied to the ear a sterile gauze dressing and over it. Rehabilitation after plastic ears: Often, after surgery to correct his ears do not need to be in hospital. After surgery, postoperative edema may occur, as there are cases with little morbidity, which removed the usual anesthetic drug. The result of operation is preserved for a lifetime! So do not hesitate to march to a consultation with plastic surgeons, who in most consultations cases free of charge.

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