Peculiarities Of Preparation For The Cycling Trip

December 7th, 2013

– Before a hike every bike must pass t / and be as prepared for use in all conditions. – Preparing the trip, besides the desire to see the unknown and alluring distance, should take into account topography and physical training of participants of the tour. Trip to the plains in his hometown and its environs can not go to any comparison with a trip through the mountains of the Crimea, or Norway. So it makes sense to gradually increase complexity of their cycling trip, so whenever possible to obtain from them the joy of movement and riding a bike, and not vice versa! – Forming the plan daily crossings must necessarily take into account the nature of the terrain. You must have the most detailed maps of the area, which will take place cycling trip. Be aware of the impassable sections. In the rugged terrain while moving along the ground, sand, and 20 km can sometimes take the whole day. At the same time while driving on a smooth asphalt road is only an hour.

Also, be aware that cycling is a sport and recreation and, therefore, pleased at the end of the labor have time for swimming in the lake and cooking hot meal, not just for the installation of tents and falling asleep. – In any hike needed to provide adaptive days. They may represent the early days of the campaign, which is given sparing regimen in the sense of tempo ride, the duration of the move and a relief component.


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